The Dongers Club - Sunday, April 28th


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This feels like a really good Sunday afternoon Main Slate. There are Ten games on both sites as we have weekend Sunday Synchronicity and I'm coming into this days action with a ton of confidence as if I have this slate wrapped around my finger. Every pitcher on the slate, every hitter who is playing, I'll be helping you.

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  • Rays vs Red Sox -- Slight rain starting around noon and continuing for a good portion of the early afternoon, but nothing that is impossible to get around. Depends how much they wanna deal with the rain in a divisional game.
  • Brewers vs Mets -- Very similar to the Rays/Red Sox but non divisional game so they will likely wait this one out with any rain concerns.

Gut feeling says both the Boston/NY games get played.

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Three pitchers today who are all at home and all have significant differences in the pricing between the two sites which really makes things depend on where you are playing today to determine how you want to build. That said, do not necessarily assume you should take the cheaper one per site. If you lock in on a guy on FD there's no reason to then take the other two on DK today in my mind if you are playing on both sites. If you are only playing one site, then obviously pick the guy that stands out to you the most from my recommendations. Or don't.... The choice is yours

Kevin Gausmanvs Rockies(DK: $8,200, FD: $9,400) ... No-hitter alert. Well, until Blackmon likely comes out and ropes a lead off double. But hey, I gotta remain bold. Gausman really checks off the three main pitching baseline factors today. He's going to get plenty of run support from his team against Tyler Anderson so the win is a strong bet today. He's shown no issues going 100 pitches in his three home starts this season so we know he has the ability to go deep enough as two of them have reached 7 innings total and he's well over a K per inning as is the norm for him. Colorado possesses plenty of strike-out upside and HR risk as we saw against Folty on Saturday but an afternoon game in Atlanta after a Saturday night win smells like doom for this "entertainment starved" Colorado team if you know what I mean.... Yeah. No south beach theory today, but Atlanta tends to shut down road teams at home on Sunday's for some .... odd reason. Gausman is the one today, not Mr. Anderson.

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Zach Eflinvs Marlins(DK: $8,400, FD: $7,600) ... Not to be overlooked, Eflin has been very good this year minus one start against these same Marlins, but he's molding exactly into what he has been in his short career. Better at home (20% K rate) and like Gausman I expect the Phils bats to give him enough support today to win this game. His longevity in the game does concern me but not many reasons to be too scared of this Marlins lineup today. Plus winds blowing in at 13 MPH certainly mitigate some risk.... And now I have seen the Marlins lineup and .... it's uhh... Are you kidding me? This is the best they can do?

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Jack Flahertyvs Reds(DK: $10,300, FD: $8,500) ... The ole huge price difference between the two sites. Without a doubt Jack should be a popular play at his $8,500 price on FanDuel compared to $9,400 on Gausman for example. How could we not love Jack though against the Reds at home? The BvP crowd will see some shaky numbers in limited results but if you want that 40 pt game on FanDuel today this kid will give it to you today and while I have Gausman ranked #1 overall, Jack is a strong #2 on FanDuel and someone who will be higher owned in single entries most likely. Just food for thought for those who value ownership data.

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There is always a guy on Sunday who I like to take a "longshot" play with on DraftKings .... This is where I deviate from normally limiting the recommendations to the "top" plays to play in any format anywhere. These guys are your sneakers plays to take some end of week shots on.... BTW. Who decided that Sunday has to still be the beginning of the calendar week? So Stupid. It's the end of the DFS week dangit.

Trent Thorntonvs Athletics (DraftKings: $7,000) ... This is a horrific lineup by Oakland today. They're ice cold (which means they probably pop for 20 today naturally). But the Jays roll out Trent Thornton who I have absolutely MURDERED this season as bad chalk over and over and over again. Well, today, he's getting the ideal spot for him. Only one lefty and it's Robbie Grossman. Thornton should pitch well today.

Pablo Lopez vs Phillies(DraftKings: $7,500) ... Got K's like a Pablo, Pablo....... Phils will strikeout a plenty and after going off last night I'd take a shot against them.

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Atlanta Braves ... I said that Gausman will win and it all starts right here. Atlanta at home vs a LHP. Money. Luckily for Colorado they were able to avoid starting their full trio of lefties in this series until now and on the get-away game I expect them to roll out any garbage bullpen arms if this game gets out of hand. Donaldson, Camargo, Freeman, Acuna all deliver the pop against LHP but with Brian McCann starting on Saturday that means we get Tyler Flowers behind the dish (which helps Gausman as well) and he should be our #1 catcher on DK today.... With the Braves though it's tough to lock in on one core specifically, so if you are doing 3 lineups today (highly advised) then get exposure to each one of these CORE's. They're ranked in order of preference today.

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  • CORE 1: Camargo, Flowers
  • CORE 2: Donaldson, Freeman
  • CORE 3: Albies, Acuna

San Diego Padres ... Don't Fade. Don't Fade Manny. Dont' Fade Manny on Sunday.... I don't like to throw out "grand slams" or "no hitters" or "double dongs", but I'm gonna do it here. Manny is gonna go yard twice today and I was all hoping that Franmil Reyes was batting 4th behind him again today and even had some nice metrics for you stat nerds who wanna shit on Franmil Reyes to prove that he is about $1500 too cheap. But, alas, he is resting today. San Diego provides a ton of value against Hellickson and the Nats bullpen, Manny and Myers are the main plays.

  • CORE: Manny Machado, Wil Myers
  • EXTRA: Fernando Tatis Jr., Eric Hosmer and Greg Garcia min price opto homers yay!


NY Mets ... Gio Gonzalez has always been very good vs the Mets and especially in Citi Field. It's something we/I have used a lot over the years. But making his first start of 2019 is not the spot to chase this narrative and certainly not in CitiField on Sundays where the over seems to hit more than not. Love the Mets today as a sneaky stack if this game plays obviously.

  • CORE: Pete Alonso, Todd Frazier
  • EXTRA: Wilson Ramos -- If you don't know why then I have some teaching for you, Amed Rosario

Washington ... The wind will be heavy again here today and folks dont like to pick on Lucchessi.

  • CORE: Victor Robles, Brian Dozier
  • EXTRA: Kurt Suzuki, Michael A. Taylor
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CATCHERS: This is the hardest catcher decision ever. Welp. More than one lineup it is!

  1. Wilson Ramos: vs GIO
  2. Tyler Flowers: SALE DAY
  3. Sunday Cam Punt Gallagher

FIRST BASE: First Base is absolutely loaded today. Every douchebag under the Sun is in play here. Pete/Freddie are the top dogs here but Jesus on a Sunday is bound to go off.

  1. Freddie Freeman
  2. Pete Alonso
  3. Jesus Aguilar: Sunday

SECOND BASE: Some good value here today. And by good I mean vomit and take the points.

  1. Sunday Whit Merrifield
  2. Ozzie Albies
  3. Greg Garcia: Because who wants to keep playing Eric Sogard?
  4. Hernan Perez

THIRD BASE:  Manny's Day

  1. Manny Machado: He's perceived as cold and thus will be overlooked with a deep set of plays here, this pick either wins or loses the slate I feel.
  2. Josh Donaldson
  3. Matt Chapman

SHORTSTOP:Update from yesterday. X, in fact, did NOT give it to you.

  1. Jorge Polanco
  2. Amed Rosario
  3. Orlando Arcia


  1. Eddie Rosario
  2. Alex Gordon
  3. Ronnie Acuna
  4. Max Kepler

OUTFIELD - Value: Love this tier

  1. Johan Camargo
  2. Randal Grichuk
  3. Jorge Soler: Not sure why he's only $3100 on FD vs Harvey, but... ok!
  4. Manuel Margot
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I have always enjoyed giving out the 8 players in the Dongers Club with 1 from each position and generally it's even a lineup that can fit into DFS contests and will give you a good baseline for starting things off. The Dongers Club has thrived over the years on calling unique homers and pinpointing the one off plays to have. But I felt it was time for a change. Let's be more specific here, and lets make these calls actionable for you to build lineups off of and celebrate when these picks hit rather than saying "hey, 3 of my 9 guys hit homers". Screw that. I want 5 for 5 every day....

CHAIRMAN OF THE DONGERS CLUB ... The top HR call of the night, the leader of the Dongers Club

  • Manny Machado - 3B - Padres


  • Johan Camargo - OF - Braves
  • Tyler Flowers - C - Braves


  • Wilson Ramos - C - Mets
  • Eddie Rosario - OF - Twins
  • Randal Grichuk - OF - Blue Jays
  • Hunter Dozier - 3B - Royals


  • Brewers / Mets OVER 8 runs
  • A's/Jays UNDER 9
  • Blue Jays ML
  • Reds / Cards UNDER 7.5