The Dongers Club - Sat, Aug 8th


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Hang on, I have to remove my nuts from my gut after Derek Holland's first inning on the afternoon slate.

OK. That hurt.

Eight games on both sites tonight with three games starting at 9:10 PM ET. Lots of games which are starting at 6PM their local time (Central/Pacific) but none of them are in stadiums where we know to have sun issues affecting the hitters (Cleveland & Chicago are two known stadiums along these lines) -- although Milwaukee sometimes does have issues as we get later into September/October with that.

On today's episode of "Who the hell are these guys?" we have Dan Castano opening for the Marlins at the Mets.

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It appears he will be followed up by former NFL WR Sterling Sharp(e)

Sterling Sharpe's Snow Line TD on Make a GIF

And for the Colorado Rockies is .... Ryan (yeah right, nobody's buyin that) Castellani....

So yes, this slate features

  • a Castellani
  • a DeSclafani
  • an Odorizzi
  • and a Johnny Cueto

One of these men is not like the other


Quiet and clear

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I almost never care about chalk, and quite honestly I don't look up Ownership Data because it's generally fairly obvious and anything I miss is a mistake on the people who played that person as chalk. Tonight is pretty obvious on both sites though. It's Kershaw and Paddack. If you feel you have someone who is a pivot off them then you make that move because it's a direct 1v1. But don't simply fade them because they are chalk. That is stupid.


Kershaw slate ladies and Gentlemen. Like the Yankees always facing the Orioles Kershaw is always facing the Giants.

6 innings, 6 strikeouts, 0 ER allowed and a Win.

Next question.


What a bargain Paddack is on DraftKings against Arizona. I know I wrote about Arizona doing well IN PETCO and they put up a goose egg against Davies, but $7900 on DK and you can no doubt determine who is the chalk SP2 with Kershaw today on DK.



It's all about the ballpark obviously. I really think Joey Gallo is a SOLO HR play today but Sandoval just needs to give you 5 innings. By going him he allows those of you who like to stack a whole team (like say Colorado tonight) without pulling your hair out with salary construction. Plug him in with Paddack on DK to save $.


I know the Marlins have been winning every single night out, but Peterson should be the logical cheap arm to get a win and come in around 12 DK points.

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Something of note right now: Pitchers who really aren't that good but have come out with a good start or two to start the season are now getting WORKED or really struggling in their next outing. There really isn't anyone in particular that leaps out as being in that category today but there are a few guys who have been better than normal and one of which I really highlighted below as likely having a bad outing tonight.

The guys who fall into this category are: Zack Godley, Danny Duffy and to some extent Merrill Kelly although Kelly usually doesn't get hammered too bad.


Toronto - Biggio, Bichette, Teoscar

Boston - Verdugo, Martinez, Devers

I looooove the Jays swapping Bichette and Cavan and hope that remains. Bichette is a first pitch swinging machine, so him coming up with someone possibly on base is a huge boost in my mind for seeing better quality first pitches to go after. Teoscar Hernandez remains a must start in Fenway but the GOLD side in this game is actually on Boston's end with J.D. Martinez even in a RvR spot against Chase Anderson. Chase is always harder hit by RH batters and loves to get a little drop on his pitches which JD and Devers should feast on today. This is the premiere game tonight and with Verdugo leading off Boston is finally relevant.


Nelson Cruz, Jorge Polanco and Salvy/Mondesi from KC

Believe it or not the Royals bullpen has been rock solid of late and their pitching staff overall is quite improved. Unfortunately for them, Nelson Cruz doesn't suck and he had Friday off to prepare for the beating he might deliver to Duffy and K.C. tonight. But the other options in this lineup are the juicy part with Jorge Polanco and Mitch Garver being optimal plays up top. Warmest game on the slate with wind blowing out to left and Duffy is due for a disaster start.


Blackmon, Arenado, Story, Hampson

I mentioned Castellani above, but Nick Margevicius is starting for the Mariners and well, he sucks. The Charlie Blackmon match-up appears to be a disaster for him and everyone knows Story/Nado vs a LHP but Garrett Hampson fits better given that it's a Kershaw up top slate.

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Let's hope that we get a min priced catcher we can punt today on DraftKings beacuse the high $ demand at SP & other positions makes it not worth paying here at all. Garver is a FD play.

  1. Mitch Garver
  2. Salvador Perez
  3. Curt Casali - Welp, back to the Casali punt play today.


  1. Miguel Sano
  2. Max Muncy
  3. Dan Vogelbach


  1. Garrett Hampson ... Lock and load in the lead off spot.
  2. Cavan Biggio
  3. Jose Peraza


  1. Eugenio Suarez ... Getting a lefty is always an ideal Geno spot. Really like him today as a one off.
  2. Rafael Devers
  3. Nolan Arenado ... I'd only go Nolan/Story as a full stack because you're gonna have to punt on SP which is not recommended IMO today.


  1. Xander Bogaerts
  2. Adalberto Raul Mondesi ... After a rough start Mondesi has doubles in back to back games and 3 of his last 4. He's looking much more confident at the plate.
  3. Jorge Polanco

OUTFIELD - Mt. Rushmore

Outfield is a premiere position today and the deepest one to use UTIL on for FanDuel.

  1. JD Martinez
  2. Christian Yelich
  3. Teoscar Hernandez
  4. Joey Gallo ... Ranked 4th among these guys because it's a 1 AB situation for him, but the match-up profiles excellent for Gallo even in The Graveyard

Outfield - Tier 2

  1. Nelson Cruz
  2. Charlie Blackmon
  3. Jorge Soler
  4. Lourdes Gurriel Jr

Outfield - Value

  1. Kyle Lewis
  2. Randal Grichuk
  3. Philip Ervin
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These are the things I look for the most and encourage you to do it as well. We are all going to chase big $ contests w/ multiple lineups and that is fine, but you need balance in your MLB portfolio, so add the Dongers Club Growth Funds:

  1. 10x to first: This one is going to be hard for many of you but it's the #1 golden rule to staying profitable during the MLB grind. You need these contests mixed in more than you realize. What is 10x to first? It means that the prize for 1st Place which everyone obsesses with is 10x the entry fee. So yeah, that means a $10 contest pays out $100 to first. Or my favorite $100 pays out $1000. You are thinking what's the point? These type of contests usually aren't as common and they're a waste of time, I want my 50x to first!! Well, guess what. You will find that you win these 10x to first contests far often and that type of boost is way better than any other you will find. They're smaller and usually have folks who are late registering their contests in them. Find these. Play these.
  2. Less than 1,000 Users: Very simple rule. Avoid contests that have too many users. A big misconception is that MME is hard to beat and you cant beat someone with a single lineup if they have maxed out the limits on a contest. Not true. The more lineups they are putting in the chances are more bad lineups as well. It comes down to the TOTAL number of users you have to beat. Fewer is better.
  3. Get out of the $1 and $3 and $5 contests: If you are living here, you aren't about making money. Sorry.
  4. Play a 3-man to bust a slump: Yes, they are full of what folks call Sharks. No, they are not invincible. When you're in a slump, play one of these.
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  1. Christian Yelich - OF - Milwaukee - Chairman of the Dongers Club
  2. JD Martinez - OF - Boston
  3. Joey Gallo - OF - Texas
  4. Garrett Hampson - 2B - Colorado
  5. Eugenio Suarez - 3B - Cincinnati
  6. Salvador Perez - C - Kansas City
  7. Xander Bogaerts - SS - Boston
  8. Max Muncy - 1B - Dodgers
  9. BONUS ......... Teoscar Hernandez - OF - Toronto