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Congrats to anyone who had the lock bet of me not holding to my "I won't be doing two articles per day on split slates" this season bet. To make matters worse the 'Early' slates are only 4 games and they are different between the sites. I mean, why can't we have a six game early only slate? Or maybe five? Whatever.

So here's what you MUST know about these early slates

  • DraftKings, which locks at 2PM, includes the Yankees and Rays first game of their double-header and that will obviously only be scheduled for 7 innings. Gerrit Cole is slated to start and thus the chances of him throwing a Complete Game are greatly increased. The other DK only game is Indians at White Sox
  • FanDuel, which locks at 4PM, includes the Braves and Phillies game but they are playing their DH tomorrow, so no issues with a short game there. The other FD only game is Orioles at Nationals
  • The two games on both sites are at 4PM Tigers at Pirates Astros at Athletics


All these early games play

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Not only do you have the chances of him getting that 7 inning Complete Game today but you have him against a good strike-out opponent in Tampa and at a reduced price (Why he is only 10.7k I don't know?).

Play him.


Looked pretty good in his Pirates debut and is excited to be back with a former pitching coach. After a wild wild game yesterday you should immediately run to the window and bet the under on this game today. So with a four game slate on both sites, we'll consider a pitcher here and why not consider a Pirates pitcher against the mighty Tigers who generally aren't great vs LHP. Pirates win 6-1.




Length is the major issue normally with Voth but a four game slate and not needing much considering there's nobody up top in the elite range to consider.

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Cleveland Indians

Francisco Lindor, Carlos Santana, Jose Ramirez

Bullpen game for the White Sox and yes I am going right back to the 0 run team from last night. I desperately want Lindor to move out of the #3 spot in this lineup, anywhere else will do, but the guy looks completely out of place batting third and im getting inpatient with you Indians! Either way, Matt Foster (RHP) will start things off for the ChiSox but likely isn't around long and so the Indians are a good spot to look at for offense today IMO as the Sox pen is decent but their best guy (Bummer) did go last night.


Atlanta Braves

Marcell Ozuna, Freddie Freeman

No Vinnie V for the Phillies, but Jake Arieta isn't going to stop us from locking in Braves.

Washington Nationals

Trea Turner, Juan Soto

Lock in Trea Turner, that is all.

Both Sites

Pittsburgh Pirates

Adam Frazier, Josh Bell, Gregory Polanco, Colin Moran, Bryan Reynolds

Ivan Nova returns to Pittsburgh, so immediately we should be attacking him. Nova is obviously known for being bad against lefty batters, so that's the primary focus.

Good luck!

Back with MAIN slate normal Dongers Club for tonight around 4PM EST.