The Dongers Club - Fri 6/19


Well, this is going to be interesting. I said I would come to you with a combined breakdown between the KBO (Korea) and the NPB (Japan) leagues which start 30 minutes apart on DraftKings on Friday morning. Hey, if you are gonna be up setting lineups for one Asian league then you might as well go with two Asian leagues because ... well, I'm just not gonna finish that thought.

Buuuuuut, the Japanese (NPB) league is not exactly off to a roaring start in terms of being ready with information. It appears we have the same lineup issue with lineups not posting far in advance and as of right now with tomorrow being opening day and less than 12 hours away from first pitch -- we still don't have DraftKings confirming starting pitchers! Luckily for you, I have done that leg work and the DailyAmbush Dashboard is up and running and will refresh as lineups come in.

NOTE: Until dummy lineups are loaded the HITTING dashboard should be ignored. Pitching however can be trusted and lineups should auto update as they are posted close to lineup lock. So use the site 1 hour before the slate and you can narrow down your picks.

Since the NPB locks 30 minutes earlier than KBO, they are up first on this Friday

Nippon Professional Baseball - Wikipedia

NPB Pitchers

Keep in mind, we only start one in this limited / short slate format on DraftKings. With 12 pitchers going I really hate that, but it is what it is.

Yudai Ohno, Dragons (CHU) - $5,000

Yes, you will notice there are pitchers who are 12k+ on DraftKings and my first guy is only 5k? Yep. It looks like DraftKings didn't do any data normalization on the player names when they did their pricing and they had Ohno not noted properly because his name was spelled Ono before. He posted a 9-8 record last year, averaged 27 batters faced per game, limited opposing hitters to a .203 average, struck out 22% of the batters he faced and had a SUB 1 WHIP with a 2.58 ERA. The guy doesn't suck. In fact, he averaged in DraftKings terms over 21 fantasy points per game across his 25 games. Unless they swapped players here and every other trusted site is wrong on this guy we have our first major pricing error of the season on DK. But it's not just a pricing error. He is facing the Swallows and boy do they blow, (................... I can't type that with a straight face). Nori Aoki is batting third for them and Alcides Escobar is so bad that he has to bat 8th? That's the projected lineup for now folks. They're horrific. If you use Ohno, just note that you are going to end up leaving lots of money on the table with your lineup -- and that is okay!

  • The other pitcher who is under priced because of a name error is Daichi Ohsera for the Carp, but he's facing a better team and isn't quite as solid as Ohno.

NPB Hitters

You can stack up to four players from the same team. Who should you stack? Well, depends on who's playing and right now that information is very hard to find. But one thing I have noticed is this is a strike-out heavy league it seems and more of a pitchers league. Also given that it's Opening Day and we have these aces going we're limited with bad arms to pick on. Fear not, here's the ones I am focused on the most tonight even though I'll probably throw a bunch in with so much overlay

  • Hawks (FUK) Wladimir Balentien (OF) Yurisbel Gracial (IF) Alfredo Despaigne (IF)
  • Dragons (CHU) Dayan Viciedo (IF) Shuhei Takahashi (IF) Nobumasa Fukuda (IF) Naomichi Donoue (IF)
  • Lions (SAI) - Contrarian Tomoya Mori (IF) Yotaka Yamakawa (IF) Shuta Tonosaki (IF)
Korea Baseball Organization - Wikipedia

KBO Pitchers

This is a loaded pitching slate and it's top heavy with studs you can fit in easily up top. Expect these guys to be around 60-80% owned in many contests.

Chang Mo Koo - Dinos - $9,400 ... So he gets an extra day rest due to the PPD situation and now faces off against the Hanwha Eagles. And he's only $9,400? What in the ever loving piss are we doing here?

Drew Gagnon - Tigers - $7,800 ... Love Kia when they are at home and they should dominate Samsung tonight behind Gagnon who has been equally as good as Koo. If you wanna fade Koo, then do it with Gagnon and a wild card third option

Others to consider: Je Seong Bae is my favorite at $6,600 but also consider Woo Chan Cha (LG) as the ultimate wild card in a tough spot vs Doosan. 

KBO Stacks

KT WIZ ... Love the Wiz who are playing well and Baek Ho Kang either starts and does well, or PH and does well it seems. From Jeong Dae Bae through to Mel Rojas, this is a core stack to target in a good park versus a pitcher giving up runs like candy on Halloween today.

KIA TIGERS ... Back on my Preston Tucker bandwagon tonight along with Hyung Woo Choi and the always reliable Ji Wan Na for only $3800

LG TWINS ... Ramos returned and it was Kim and Chae who did the damage. Ramos should join in tonight but I rank this team third overall.

Favorite Bats

Mel Rojas Jr. (OF) - The guy burns me often but faces the worst pitcher on the slate. Pair him along with Han Joon Yoo (OF)

Hyun Soo Kim (OF) - Big game yesterday and has been really solid of late. Return of Ramos helps

Hye Sung Kim (KIW) - Best value at a weak position (2B)