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MLB DFS: The Dongers Club - Friday, August 28th

MLB DFS is back for Friday, August 278th, so the Dongers Club is here too!
Dongers Club


I do not have the energy to provide a ton of narrative in this space given what is going on. Not so much in the world, but with the fantasy sites and how they are handling contests. You aren't here for thoughts on world issues (to my knowledge at least) and thus you shouldn't care what I have to say about any of it. 

I just don't find it relevant when it comes to doing fantasy analysis. It's not my place and I cannot change things that are out of my control, but what I can control is doing an article for your entertainment.

So that's what I will try to do here.

Now, why both FD and DK waited until 11:00 am EST to post is beyond me. My assumption is they both relied upon an external schedule source which was delayed, to provide them with an API type feed of the games and then they build their slates off that. But who knows, we will never know because there's no PR from either system.

So, your guess is as good as mine and don't ask what we're gonna get going forward. Who the heck knows?

Time to focus on winning some money because, wait, what do you mean the Blue Jays home game isn't on the slate?


It is less than ideal today with lots of rain spots. Be very cautious with the rain games as this is the first game of the series and these teams have shown a HUGE desire to play two 7 inning games over two 9 inning games with some rain.


Zac Gallen

One week ago, he came out pitching with his head in the clouds in the first inning against the Giants. He needed a fantastic defensive double play by his team to avoid getting a nice negative score. He quickly turned things around and pitched as expected against the Giants who are better vs LHP this season. Price is higher than we would like but he's a nice pivot away from Max in an inter-league game.

Dustin May

Dustin May is routinely overhyped because like many other Dodger pitchers, he isn't allowed to pitch extremely deep into games. He's also still learning how to pitch in some regards, but I love him today. He has two ++ pitches with his fastball and cutter which is all he relies upon. That's all he needs against this terrible Rangers offense with the roof closed tonight. That should play as the most pitcher friendly park on the slate. Not only do I think he rolls through them, I can see him being the No. 1 SP on the entire slate ... and no I have not been drinking yet.

Ryan Yarbrough

Tough call between him and Six Toes, Two Feet Sanchez making his second start for the Miami Marlins tonight (Yes, it's Sixto people - keep up). Sanchez has the extreme value discount as an SP2 and while neither is considerable on FanDuel, I'm not ready to make the Sixto plunge just yet. Give me Yarbrough considering the Marlins wOBA as a team vs LHP this year is the 2nd worst in any match-up on the slate and the Rays are a better lineup than the Marlins.

Outside the Box

Lance McCullers Jr

Not a lot that I love today in the creative department but Lance McCullers will be an option folks overlook today against a good Oakland lineup. The Athletics could be without Chapman which gives him a great boost and Lance in his return to the mound this season has appeared much more comfortable at home. The Athletics lineup lacks a ton of lefties and does have good strikeout upside if Lance is on, and he has the talent to warrant using against such a HR friendly lineup.

Guys I am not on

  • Max Scherzer - Forces collide as we have Max Scherzer who usually dominates the AL going up against very hitter friendly conditions and my trend of inter-league games going over. As you can sense. I am fading him.

A lot of good hitting spots today and once again I find myself liking a couple of these inter-league games but really one stands out more than the other.


Cleveland Indians

Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor, Franmil Reyes

I believe they have woken up - specifically Lindor - and this will go beyond just an interleague over theory. This considering it's the second lowest total on the board, it should be contrarian as facing Ponce De Leon is a really good match-up for Jose Ramirez. Ramirez has been playing very well of late and Franmil Reyes gets to go back to an NL Park. For the record, you should always play Reyes in NL Parks, in my opinion.

St. Louis Cardinals

Paul DeJong and Paul Goldschmidt

As much as I like Cleveland, the Cardinals are likely the winners of this game. Tristin McKenzie has electric speed and was living off the benefit of some slow bats in the Tigers order. Today the Cardinals aren't exactly the worst spot for him but I'm just sayin Paul Goldschmidt might be the easiest HR prop bet of the season tonight.

L.A. Angels

Mike Trout, David Fletcher, Anthony Rendon, Albert Pujols

I refuse to believe this Seattle bullpen will be consistent and they really showed that in their San Diego series, so look to attack it all weekend long. Decent weather and Angels have mashed at home. Hard to ignore Trout today if you are playing Dustin May.

Washington Nationals

Luis Garcia, Asdrubal Cabrera, Juan Soto, Trea Turner

The Nationals are certainly a favorable team to look at going into Boston against a bad staff led by Chris Mazza. The whole world will want to roster Juan Soto for good reason, but Asdrubal Cabrera and Luis Garcia offer some good value here too. I lean the value from the Nats with the studs from other spots just FYI.


  • Braves: They get Wheeler again, and this wont end well for him this time as the Braves are my preferred spot in this match-up
  • Padres: Coors is on the slate and it's the Pads. Myers comes in hot so he's gotta be on your radar along with Machado who is hot as well.
  • Royals / White Sox: I see this game under-performing a bit. Duffy is great in Chicago and while the Royals have dominated ReyLo it's only Soler who has my interest today.


  1. Willson Contreras ... Conteras and Schwarber in Cincy is deadly against Mahle if the game plays. Heyward will also homer this series, just not sure it's today.
  2. Yan Gomes


Not the position you can screw up with today. Abreu is not the play.

  1. Freddie Freeman
  2. Paul Goldschmidt
  3. Albert Pujols


  1. Luis Garcia
  2. Keston Hiura
  3. David Fletcher


  1. Jose Ramirez
  2. Anthony Rendon
  3. Manny Machado
  4. Asdrubal Cabrera


  1. Francisco Lindor
  2. Paul DeJong

OUTFIELD - Mt. Rushmore

Extremely deep like most hitting appears today, but some clear cut favorites here and worth doing one offs in the OF.

  1. Franmil Reyes
  2. Wil Myers
  3. Mike Trout
  4. Jorge Soler


  1. Marcell Ozuna
  2. Kyle Schwarber
  3. Eloy Jimenez


  1. Nick Markakis
  2. Dylan Carson
  3. Gregory Polanco
  4. Jason Heyward


The Dongers Club

  1. Paul Goldschmidt - 1B - America's First Baseman and Chairman of the Dongers Club

The Rest of the Club

  1. Mike Trout - OF - Angels
  2. Jorge Soler - OF - Royals
  3. Franmil Reyes - OF - Indians
  4. Francisco Lindor - SS - Indians
  5. Keston Hiura - 2B - Brewers
  6. Manny Machado - 3B - Padres
  7. Yan Gomes - C - Nationals
  8. BONUS ................................ Freddie Freeman - 1B - Braves