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The Dongers Club - Thu July 30th

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This set of games today is like what a normal Monday slate would feel like. It's a little odd though as we have some new series starting up, while some other series are finishing up today. Only eight games on the slates tonight which both start at the 7pm window on FD & DK


There are no issues or impacts today. Roof in Arizona should be closed. It's only 112 outside....

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If you enjoyed both slates yesterday for pitching then I am sorry to inform you that it has not carried over onto today's slate.

Dylan Bundy

Hello 2020 and welcome to Dylan Bundy being a chalky and popular play! What can go wrong am I right? Bundy looked phenomenal in his first start in Oakland and LA isn't that much worse of a stadium to pitch in. He threw his slider more to the Athletics and if he continues that again today against the Mariners he should have another solid performance. Lots of folks got upset with Joe Madden for pulling Heaney early last night but I wouldn't expect that to be a major problem for Bundy today and this is also a slate that lacks the elite SP choices (due to matchups)

Brady Singer

Name something better than rostering Dylan Bundy and Jake Junis? How about Dylan Bundy and Brady Singer! The kid was more than sharp against a much better Indians team and the action on his slider (which has a sinker type drop to it) was really impressive. The Tigers have more righty bats so I don't think you see a 7K/5 IP ratio again from Singer, but they also will not be able to rough him up. Bundy is the edge on FD but on DK pairing these together is where I begin today.

Dinelson Lamet

BLAH. That's honestly my Lamet feeling. I've never been too huge on him and the Giants against lefties not named Kershaw don't strike me as a major strikeout team (I say this and I can see it coming, the day when MacKenzie Gore debuts vs the Giants and I go all in and someone references this comment. Whatever...). Padres will win today and so Lamet is a "get me by" type selection today. Nothing sexy, just lameting you know...

Outside of the Box Play

Robbie Ray

I wouldn't expect to see more than 5-10% tops on Ray this evening. Nobody likes to pick on the Dodgers and even though they didn't hit much last night against a kid, they're still an elite offense that nobody wants to pick on. Plus, Ray is always a frustrating headache who is going to strike out the side while throwing 40 pitches in an inning. Then he has that 4th or 5th inning where he says "F this noise, I'm bored" and walks the first three batters before striking out the next two and giving up a bloop single allowing two runs and getting pulled at 105 pitches. He's the left-handed-white version of Julio Teheran and Vincent Velasquez if they got quarantined together for too long and produced a child. But when do we like to take a gamble on Ray? Against the Dodgers. Normally I rush right to him when it's in L.A. but the roof will be closed tonight and the Dodgers are coming off the emotional let down from the Houston series. Nice spot to take a shot.

A few thoughts on guys I am not using

  • Shane Bieber and Jose Berrios - The hitters know these guys WAAAAY too much for me to feel confident here.
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Hunter Renfroe, Yandy Diaz, Mike Zunino

They still went OVER in Truist last night despite the best pitchers the two teams could roll out. We saw a lack of homers (sans Freddie) but today this game is the winning spot on the board. Please bat Hunter Renfroe 2nd tonight Tampa, please!


Carlos Santana, Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, Franmotherfrickenmil Rayes

These teams know each other too well and I love the Tribe getting to face Berrios who has been rough in the Summer Camp and in his first start this year. The match-up has gone both ways but Cleveland flexes themselves on the Twins tonight in Target Field and lets them know they're back to take over the central. This should be the premiere series of the weekend and the road team usually dominates it.

Chalk Stack of the day

New York Yankees

Giancarlo Stanton, Gio Urshella and uh, Gleyber... yeah. Gleyyybaaar.

This feels like a team in Coors spot once again and you can do well with teams in Coors if you simply pick 2 players and move on. Last night if it was 2 of DJLM, Judge or Hicks (all in my article, woo hoo, pat on back! ... yea yea, so i had like 6 yankees listed) you did fine. Tonight my pick 2 of three are Giancarlo, Urshela and this Gleyber Torres fella.

Other Spots to consider

  • LA Angels - The overs are hitting in Mariners games and they know Marco G very well. Prime spot for that Trout double dong game.
  • San Diego - The Pads have four specific hitters who murder Gausman's pitch type. Tatis, Pham, Hosmer and if he decides to throw his cutter - Machado.
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  1. Mike Zunino
  2. Gary Sanchez - FD Price is very cheap
  3. Will Smith


  1. Carlos Santana
  2. Albert Pujols
  3. Freddie Freeman - I need not remind you how good the Braves are against LHP. That said, Yarb likely isn't in forever and the Rays pen is better than the Braves pen for my $ and Santana/Pujols both solid choices at first base today which is why I have Freeman third.


This is a very thin position in terms of choices, so look at multi-position guys on DK or just take the auto 5 points from David Fletcher.

  1. Ozzie Albies
  2. Ty France (DK)
  3. David Fletcher


  1. Anthony Rendon
  2. Gio Urshella
  3. Renato Nunez


  1. Gleyber Torres
  2. Francisco Lindor
  3. Fernando Tatis Jr

OUTFIELD - Mt. Rushmore

  1. Framil Reyes
  2. Hunter Renfroe
  3. Giancarlo Stanton
  4. Mike Trout

Outfield - Tier 2

  1. Sir Thomas Pham
  2. Austin Hays
  3. Ronald Acuna Jr
  4. Marcell Ozuna

Outfield - Value

  1. JD Davis
  2. Alex Gordon
  3. Adam Duvall
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These are the things I look for the most and encourage you to do it as well. We are all going to chase big $ contests w/ multiple lineups and that is fine, but you need balance in your MLB portfolio, so add the Dongers Club Growth Funds:

  1. 10x to first: This one is going to be hard for many of you but it's the #1 golden rule to staying profitable during the MLB grind. You need these contests mixed in more than you realize. What is 10x to first? It means that the prize for 1st Place which everyone obsesses with is 10x the entry fee. So yeah, that means a $10 contest pays out $100 to first. Or my favorite $100 pays out $1000. You are thinking what's the point? These type of contests usually aren't as common and they're a waste of time, I want my 50x to first!! Well, guess what. You will find that you win these 10x to first contests far often and that type of boost is way better than any other you will find. They're smaller and usually have folks who are late registering their contests in them. Find these. Play these.
  2. Less than 1,000 Users: Very simple rule. Avoid contests that have too many users. A big misconception is that MME is hard to beat and you cant beat someone with a single lineup if they have maxed out the limits on a contest. Not true. The more lineups they are putting in the chances are more bad lineups as well. It comes down to the TOTAL number of users you have to beat. Fewer is better.
  3. Get out of the $1 and $3 and $5 contests: If you are living here, you aren't about making money. Sorry.
  4. Play a 3-man to bust a slump: Yes, they are full of what folks call Sharks. No, they are not invincible. When you're in a slump, play one of these.
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  1. Hunter Renfroe - OF - Rays - Chairman of the Dongers Club
  2. Franmil Reyes - OF - Indians
  3. Austin Hays - OF - Orioles
  4. Carlos Santana - 1B - Indians
  5. Gleyber Torres - SS - Yankees
  6. Ozzie Albies - 2B - Braves
  7. Giovani Urshela - 3B - Yankees
  8. Will Smith - C - Dodgers
  9. BONUS ................ Alex Gordon - OF - Royals