The Dongers Club - June 2nd


Yesterday continued the recent trend of every pitcher and their brother completely getting steam rolled throughout both afternoon and the evening. While stream rolled might be a little bit extreme, it just heightens that the hitting is what is going to continue to win and win and win down the stretch into the Summer months. With a full slate of day games today that isn't any different.

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Two games this afternoon are on DraftKings that are not on FanDuel (Coors and Texas). Both are good hitting spots with a lean for me on the Royals in Texas out of the four offenses, but certainly good spots to filter in some offensive production from.


There are no serious issues. Slight rain delay possible in Pittsburgh.

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Julio Teheran ... From May 1st through June 1st the Tigers had a 25% strikeout rate, which put them near the bottom in all of baseball. They've been a little pesky against the Braves in the first two games of this series as they have loved the warm temps but this is a Julio Sunday afternoon special and the Braves volatile righty is the first guy that jumped off the board at me today.

Max Scherzer ... The Scherzer vs Giolito debate is an interesting one today. Cincinnati is known for being a ballpark that for whatever reason increases player strikeouts despite being a very good home run ballpark -- most likely because guys are swinging for the short fences and being too aggressive. In two starts in this ballpark Max has been dominant with 20 strikeouts over 12 innings and 0, yes 0 earned runs. This Reds offense isn't that much better than years past it just now has Yasiel Puig instead of Adam Duvall as a random HR hitting righty and Scooter Gennett has transformed into Derek Dietrich. Max hasn't been the same this year and I think A TON of it has to do with his catchers not being on the same page with him.

Cole Hamels ... Great history vs the Cardinals who are a little weaker vs LHP (DeJong/Ozuna/Carp) so he gets that benefit for him today, but I wouldn't expect a high strikeout performance.


Lucas Giolito on the other hand has been dominant this year. He is pitching deep into games and just like Max, I think it has a ton to do with his catcher but also in general Giolito is just pitching smarter and not walking batters and his change up has really been solid all season long. He has a good umpire today and faces a weak offense in Cleveland.

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Baltimore Orioles ... It used to be that we always attacked Jeff Dolphin Samardzija in Day games. But lately we attack him in games on days that end in y. He's horrific when he has to depart from AT&T Ballpark (or whatever the hell they're calling it now) in San Francisco this year with a 5.46 ERA, and opponents have a .347 wOBA against him. Oh, you want other stupid advanced metrics that really mean nothing? Okay, sure. His xFIP is 5.81, he has a average BABIP at .273 considering how bad he has sucked, his K/BB rate is fricken 1.91 and he has a 15.2 HR/FB rate on the road, not to mention he orders fucking veggie burgers and shits only after games when on the road while watching re-runs of I love Lucy. He sucks. His fastball sucks. His change-up sucks. His curveball sucks. His route running sucks. He sucks....

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Sure, the Orioles aren't exactly sending 5 all-stars to the all-star game this year, but one guy who should earn a nod there is Trey Mancini and Mancini and the guys around him will do damage on Dolphin and the Giants bullpen today. And if they happen to go down in the 1st, 1-2-3, I don't wanna hear it. Be patient. Orioles third innings

  • CORE: Jonathan Villar, Trey Mancini, Renato Nunez
  • SNEAKY: Whoever bats 6th. (Steve Wilkerson)
  • SF GIANTS: Belt, Longoria, Crawford ... Because the Orioles stink just as much.

Chicago White Sox ... Zach Plesac was good enough in his first start in Boston that he gets a second start against what should be a much easier opponent in Chicago, right? Hah. You want me to avoid rostering The White Sox at home on a Sunday against a rookie making his second start off what was a better than expected first start?

  • CORE: Moncada, Abreu

KC Royals (DK) ... Sampson is trash and gets hammered by righties. No matter when and how long he pitches he will get tore up by the Royals bats today. They should go off with ease on the Texas pitching staff in warm temps today and get a nice set of homer boosts even without Hunter Dozier

  • CORE: Whit, Mondesi, Soler

Atlanta Braves ... Freeman and Swanson got Atlanta going on Saturday so this whole "theyre cold" shit can be put to rest. Matt Boyd is a decent pitcher, but this is a loaded lineup against lefties and the park is fantastic for them to tear up Boyd and the Tigers bullpen today. And it's Sunday, so you know Josh Donaldson is feeling Chipper (I'll see myself out).

  • CORE: Freeman, Donaldson, Riley


A DK only position today IMO, meaning don't rush to force these guys on your main lineup on FD.

  1. Cam Gallagher
  2. Kurt Suzuki
  3. Rockies C


Two of my favorite plays are at this position today. Mancini crushes RHP and Belt is my instinct call to hit a homer in Camden Yards.

  1. Trey Mancini ... Oooh here he comes.. Watch out Shark, he'll chew you up. Oooh here he comes... Treeeey Man-cini....
  2. Brandon Belt ... I proclaimed he would hit 2 HR yesterday or today, so let's get it on Belt.
  3. Jose Abreu


Garbage options today on FanDuel here. This is not a bad spot to roll some leverage against the stud SP's Max and Giolito today as a one off in single entries. Both Derek Dietrich and Jason Kipnis would be the leverage plays there.

  1. Derek Dietrich/Jason Kipnis
  2. Joe Panik: Roll him as part of Giants stacks assuming he is leading off.
  3. Whit Merrifield (DK)
  4. Lourdes Gurriel (DK)


I joked about Chipper Jones above, but for crying out loud he might even pop one out today as well. Loaded position with my sneaky play listed up top because THATS. WHAT. WE. DO.

  1. Renato Nunez: I know that Nunez has been on a tear lately but over his last 8 games he has 5 HR (same as Dietrich btw), a .567 ISO, .561 wOBA, a low 9.7 strikeout rate and oddly enough ZERO walks over 31 AB. He's a must on the Orioles side in this game.
  2. Evan Longoria ... Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angelos California ... Evan.... Lnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. Yoan Moncada


  1. Jonathan Villar
  2. Brandon Crawford
  3. Adalberto Raul Mondesi (DK)


  1. Austin Riley
  2. Eloy Jimenez
  3. Austin Meadows
  4. Dwight Smith Jr


  1. Gerardo Parra
  2. Bryan Reynolds
  3. Ryan Braun
  4. Jorge Soler (DK)


  1. Steve Wilkerson
  2. Kevin Pillar
  3. Leury Garcia
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  1. Trey Mancini - 1B - Baltimore Orioles - Chairman of the Dongers Club ...
  2. Evan Longoria - 3B - Giants
  3. Gregory Polanco - OF - Pittsburgh
  4. Whit Merrifield - 2B - KC
  5. Raul Mondesi - SS - KC
  6. Eloy Jimenez - OF - White Sox
  7. Steve Wilkerson - OF - Baltimore
  8. BONUS ........................... Brandon Belt - 1B - Giants