The Dongers Club - Thu 5/30

MLB DFS breakdown
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Welcome to the Thursday Dongers Club. I admit the energy hasn't quite been there the last two nights with what I could call the Ben Zobrist of write-ups. Nothing sexy, just there.

We are getting closer and closer to June baseball, which is historically a great month for me personally in MLB DFS, but honestly we need Baseball right now to get more entertaining. Enough of the horrible teams vs good teams or games with openers, games that begin at 6PM and shit of that nature. How about a nice good slate for once with some nice weather, good matchups and the sorts? Maybe a BiB? Or some good ole music song dedications? Hmmm. Let's figure out what a 7 game Thursday evening slate has in store for us.


Brewers at Pirates: Rain, maybe delay. Game is safe IMO.

Red Sox at Yankees: Looks like lots of rain here. They easily can make this up & I am crossing off both pitchers.

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Martin Perez ... Perez is an underdog but I love the Twins over the Rays tonight. Morton's coming off an easy outing vs Cleveland and won't n early have the same success against a loaded Twins lineup that homers everywhere and doesn't strike out. So we know that we do not want Charlie Morton in this spot and Perez is the most likely guy on the board to get 6 IP, 6 K and a W today in my mind.

Carlos Carrasco ... I haven't touted Carrasco at all this year I don't believe. However his history in Chicago vs the White Sox cannot be ignored and with the strike out upside he has in store for him tonight on the small slate he's my second pitcher to look at behind Perez.


Jake Junis ... Guys, dont blame me. Blame the scheduler and the rotations and the pricing. We know Junis make-up very well. Sliders are his out pitch and the only guy who I feel will connect from the left side heavily on him is Odor. His issue isn't so much the long ball as much as it is falling behind in counts and letting the lead off man get on. So if you go with Texas, you better have Choo. That said, the Rangers are a good strikeout team to target and we're value hunting with very limited options today. Shocker right?


Hyun-Jin Ryu ... This series has been sneaky for power on both sides, I want no part of Ryu today with Perez and Carrasco as better options IMO.

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Let me see how I can put this.... The Pirates suck. No. That doesn't quite do it justice. Let me try that again.... THEY BLOW .... I realize they're gonna trot out Joe Musgrove, who is one of their better pitchers today after he recently called out the front office wanting them to add talent (translation: trade me back to a world series team please!). Milwaukee has the bats to do damage even in a perceived pitchers park like PNC and the Pirates are reeling in all areas right now.

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LiC? Pffttttttttttttttt... LiPNC. Have you not been listening folks? Thursday Taco Time ladies and gentlemen as the Moose gets it going in Pittsburgh tonight for the Brewers. Christian Yelich obviously is good at baseball as well but it's Orlando Arcia to provide the cheap value in this stack today.

Moustakas, Yelich, Grandal, Arcia


Gut feeling here. The Royals are gonna pop off for about 5 homers tonight in Texas. Similar to that game when they shredded the Astros chalk SP earlier this year, I like them to beat up on Minor in Texas and get into the Rangers horrific bullpen. If we remove Minor's starts against the Mariners he has been good no doubt but the strikeout massive boost isn't as large, so he's an easy fade for me and the way the Royals can pop off in a good hitting environment, nice weather and with the Hunter Dozier home narrative I'll be on them today.

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Dozier, Soler, Whit/Mondesi

oh right, I said five homers. Well let's just say Dozier and Soler hit two each?

Angels / Mariners ... I like both sides with the righties being the play. Felix Pena will come in tonight for the Angels after the first inning or so and Kikuchi is great vs LHB but below avg vs righties.

Haniger & Edwin for Mariners

Trout & Pujols for Angels


Cleveland Indians. I dont care if they hit well in Boston, they're not a good offense still. The only bat I like is Mercado.


  1. Yasmani Grandal: Expensive for a catcher, but a top play for me today.
  2. Roberto Perez


Pretty weak position tonight IMO, on FanDuel I don't mind going Grandal.

  1. Peter Alonso
  2. Edwin Encarnacion
  3. CJ Cron
  4. Eric Thames: Value ... LiPNC


Jason Kipnis blows

  1. Whit Merrifield
  2. Rougned Odor


  1. Mike Moustakas (Use him at 2nd on DK)
  2. Hunter Dozier (Use him at 1st on DK and UTIL on FD).
  3. Next question


Polanco has cooled off a bit and is in a bad park shift on paper, but he's more of a singles/doubles guy so I would still play him here. Arcia is the value play delight of the day for me.

  1. Jorge Polanco
  2. Raul Mondesi Jr
  3. Orlando Arcia
  4. Tim Beckham


All the Yelich.

  1. Christian Yelich
  2. Starling Marte: Owns Chase Anderson, who will not shut down the Pirates tonight despite the fact that they suck a fuck.
  3. Shin-Soo Choo
  4. Mike Trout: I don't need to give you stats here do I?

OUTFIELD - Mid Range

  1. Jorge Soler
  2. Mitch Haniger


  1. Oscar Mercado
  2. Billy Hamilton
  3. Ben Gamel
  4. JD Davis
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For those of you who followed some of my NHL picks you might be familiar with the ole LINE LOCK. Well, here's the Team Stack Dong LOCK for tonight.

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  1. Michael Christopher Moustakas - CHAIRMAN OF THE DONGERS CLUB
  2. Christian Yelich
  3. Orlando Arcia


  1. Hunter Double Dong Dozier
  2. Jorge Soler
  3. Raul Mondesi Jr


  1. Mike Trout
  2. Mitch Haniger
  3. Edwin Encarnacion