4th and Goal NFL DFS Plays

Chris Rose


Watson - Tennessee has been terrible against the deep ball and Houston has arguable the best combo in the league.

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Tannehill - Love him this week especially with AJ Brown

Murray - Sneaky Play with how bad he's been. Cleveland secondary has been destroyed recently.

Ryan - Under the radar Shoot out game

Running back

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Carson - Chalk Play in a smash spot and cheap. Love Carson this week

Fournette - Said all he wants for Christmas is to score 3 td's for his fantasy owners......well thanks LF

Henry - every single week, even with one good wheel

Laird - Volume is key for him. Will get a good amount of targets and carries

Gurley - Dallas has struggled against the run and dare I say Gurley has looked himself?

Wide receivers

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Godwin - No Evans.....can we please get 15 targets Winston?!?!?

Hopkins - I liked this more when Fuller was expected to be out, but looks like he's in. Bad secondary means huge game for Nuk

Parker - Big extension and even more to prove for Parker. Great spot for a huge game

Slayton - Has played really week with whoever is under center. 10+ target floor today

Julio - Wow what happened to him. Price drop against a defense that are down 2 of their best players

Samuel - This game is going to be the highest scoring today

Tight end

Ertz - Best Play here



Ian Thomas


New England