Game Notes

Patriots @ Dolphins -- The Pats outscore their opponents by 100+ points in the first half this year. The Dolphins are around -82 in the first half this year. Thats where this game is likely to be decided. New England has a big game next Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh. The Dolphins ran their mouths about sweeping the Pats this year and ... well, that's not looking so good right now.

Broncos @ Colts -- The Colts are coming off that blizzard game and I firmly believe it takes a continued toll on their bodies. They won't be ready for this game at all.


Trevor Siemien .... Hard to pass up Brady but for the $ savings I can drop down to Semien who I think has a great matchup against the Colts weak secondary.

Running Back

Kenyan Drake

Rex Burkhead ... Always fun picking the right Patriots RB. I'm torn between Burk and Lewis but with Lewis nursing an injury and being needed heavy for next week I'll side on Burkhead. Plus he's more likely to score on the ground versus the air which helps a Brady fade. Go Lewis with Brady.

Longshot: Jamaal Charles

Wide Receiver

This is where I fade tonight and stack Thursday. Love the Manny Sanders, Demaryius Thomas, TY Hilton stack for the Thursday game. Those three are my favorites. If you want to pivot off them here's the next logical choices.

Jarvis Landry

Brandin Cooks

Tight End

Jack Doyle ... Lock, all the Jack Doyle I can get.


Stephen Gostkowsi

Brandon McManus


DENVER ... They will get to Jacoby Brisset and be playing with the lead which is more sacks and more INT chances.

New England