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PRIMETIME WEEK 8!! Two really good games.

Pittsburgh @ Detroit

Denver @ Kansas City


Pittsburgh on turf? In primetime? This is the best team skill position when considering the environment an matchups, but they're not ahead of everyone else by a country mile (which means they'll be chalk but fadable if you want). I actually like the idea of gamestacking either game here and giong that route. Personally, my gut instinct said the SNF game would be competitive and the Chiefs would destroy the Broncos. But if you disagree, go gamestack route either way.


1. Ben Roethlisberger ... Many will fade Ben because he's on the road, but there's two Steelers I love tonight.... A) Antonio Brown and B) Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster ..... So that means we get Ben going deep over the top quite a bit and he has a chance to throw for 350 and 4 TD tonight in what I think is a back and forth game.

2. Alex Smith .... The Chiefs game likely is decided in the red zone and Smith to Kelce would be my alternate pivot off Ben.


1. LevBell ... Is he fadable? Eh... Probably not because I cant find two guys to knock him out. He's in all my lineups.

2. Kareem Hunt ... Save $ off Bell if you want to the mid tier on WR

3. Theo Riddick .... Lions are thin at WR and should have to throw to keep up with my Ben stack theory. Great RB2 play on DK.


1. Antonio Brown .... 100% ... Locked in.

2. DeMaryious Thomas ... Chiefs have gotten torched in the air lately and while I cant stomach going Semien, I do think Thomas has a huge target game this week...

3. Ju-Ju Hide and Go Seek Schuster....

4. Golden Tate ... still waiting for final confirmation if he is IN or OUT. If he is IN, he's in my gamestack here instead of Thomas

Other: TJ Jones (Favorite play on DK because of the Flex spot)....., Bennie Fowler


1. Travis Kelce .... 99%

2. Eric Ebron


1. Harrison Butker


1. Kansas City

2. DENVER --- Sneaky, even though I think Chiefs roll with Andy Reid's history off a bye, the Broncos D will be out to save their season this week and could get to Smith quite a bit.