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Steve Renner (sdchickens) Mon-Thu NFL

NFL Short Slate Extravaganzzzzaaaa!

This weeks games (Mon-Thu)

  • Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals (Mon)
  • Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers (Thu)

We don't have as good of a slate this week for fading one game and going with the other. Unlike the last two short slate write-ups I did, there's not a clear fade game for me this week as the gap I see between the two is much narrower. My favorite game is clearly the Dallas vs Arizona game tonight in much better playing conditions than what they expect Thursday night in Green Bay -- although it's not going to be January weather at Lambeau or anything like that. Expected to be upper 50's/low 60's with 10-12 mph wind. Not the worst thing int he world.... However, I think we are going to start getting the crappy Thursday slates again as we get deep into the season with teams being tired and that's what I see this week.


There are three guys in play at QB which will help with ownership, although two of them should eat up the majority. You aren't playing Mike Glennon. Please, dont do it. He isn't this weeks Brian Hoyer.

  1. My Favorite -- Dak Prescott ... I have Dak on all my SNF-MNF lineups as I faded Cousins and Carr last night and I think Dak not only rushes one in tonight but also throws 2 DEEP touchdowns against an Arizona secondary that is actually playing worse than people think if you date back to mid last season. Dak will be the 2nd highest owned guy behind Rodgers but he is my top guy here. If I am doing three lineups, he is on two of them.
  2. Contrarian -- Carson Palmer .... In my view, he is done. But going back home he should still have the ability to put up a good game and if this turns into a shootout I can see Palmer giving you a big game as the third highest owned guy (out of 4).
  3. Chalk Fade -- Aaron Rodgers


  1. Zeke Elliot -- Just play him and eat the 80% ownership. He will get the most touches of all the RB's and obviously has some motivation given how much abuse he took last week.
  2. Kerywynnnnn Williams -- This will absolutely make or break me this week. Ty Montgomery has been used a ton by the Packers the last two weeks and I don't want a tired RB on a short slate, so he is a fade for me... Jordan Howard/Tarik Cohen are eating into each other enough that I'm basically fading one of them busting a 75 yard TD.... That leads us to the Arizona backfield and nobody has a good clue as to who is the man here... Do you trust Johnson who just (re) joined the team? No, thanks... Andre Ellington is on the field a ton but does nothing when there. Theres so many choices as a RB2 this week and so much uncertainty in my eye that it won't take much for this pick to pay off...
  3. Jordan Howard ... If I had to list a third guy, it's him. But I am locked in on Zeke and Kerwynn as RB1/RB2


  1. Dez & Cole Beasley ... Must have one, if not both as correlation with Dak IMO for the upside this week.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald ... Back at home he will have a big game tonight. Don't fade him on DK.
  3. JJ Nelson ... I think he plays today and is a nice gamestack on this game if you think it will shootout.
  4. Jordy Nelson ... Jordy always scores at home it seems. Best WR option in the CHI-GB game


  1. Martellus Bennett ... I am all in on Marty B.... Something tells me Jason Witten is going to be popular tonight and he should not be. Lock in Bennett


  1. Green Bay .... 100% exposure


  • Dak
  • Zeke
  • Kerwyyyyynnnnnnn!
  • Fitz
  • Marty B
  • Packers DEF

Good luck!