Scouting the NHL: Wed 10/18


Back to a small slate tonight with only three games.

  • Detroit @ Toronto O/U 6
  • Chicago @ St Louis O/U 5.5
  • Montreal @ LA Kings O/U 5

I referenced the Vegas totals there, because we can clearly see where the stack ownership will shift (Detroit @ Toronto) and where the goalie recommendations will come (Montreal @ LA Kings).


Kings ... So guess what we do? We stack the game with the lowest total. Why? Because VEGAS totals for hockey are like vegas totals in baseball. They're pointless 9 times out of 10. A difference of 0.5 goals is essentially nothing and on a small slate there's gonna be so many people who recommend teams simply based off the .... wait for it .............. "Implied Goal Total" ................. oooooooooooooooooooooooooh deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaar.

I love the Kings tonight because Montreal is playing on a B2B on the road and will be rolling Al Montoya .... Who does not deserve the Domingo Santana GIF treatment tonight, but in due time he will get the "Hello" GIF.... Tonight, we say HELLO to Mr. Montoya with the Anze Kopitar-Dustin Brown-Drew Doughty Power Play. BAM.... Or shall I say ...

Image result for princess bride hello animated gif

Red Wings ... Toronto was great last night in DC shutting out Washington in a nice payback game for the first round playoff series. Tonight thoug they're up against Jimmy Howard who can be good at times and is better than Curtis Mcelhinney-hinney-ho... Second lines on the road people... SECOND LINES .... Justin Abdelkadar-Tomas Ta[r]tar Sauce-Dylan Larkin. I love Tatar-Abdelkader the most, so this is a two man WINGER stack for me...

So now I have a 3-2 stack with the Kings and Red Wings that is already contrarian enough Let me lock in my goalie


Jake Allen ... Saw a good stat yesterday that the Blackhawks have the highest amount of "unexpected" goals this season. Granted, most of those likely came in their drubbing of the Penguins on the 2nd night of the season when they dropped a gazillion goals on the defending champs. That said, I think the Blackhawks slow down and St. Louis was very good at home last season. Jake Allen has high ceiling upside when he is on and is a nice price relief from Jonathan Quick on DK who should be more popular.... And we never want the popular goalie these days.


So now that I have locked in 5 skaters and a goalie, I need another Center, another Defenseman and on DK I need the utility spot (FD I need a Winger).... For reference though on DK I have 5100 left per position. On a small slate like this, I can get away easily with a cheaper defenseman who is on the power play, guys who fit that mold, include


  • Morgan Rielly (TOR)
  • Alec Martinez (LA)
  • Jake Gardiner (TOR)
  • Trevor Daley (DET) -- Only 3700

If you go with Daley for exmple (who is skating on the top Defensive line and top power play unit) we have 5800 left over which is more than enough to get two solid players in... Here's the Centers and Wings to consider as one offs


  • Auston Matthews (TOR) - 8200
  • HenrikZetterberg (DET) - 5900
  • Paul Stastny (STL) - 5100
  • Dylan Larkin (DET) - 5200


  • James van Riemsdyk (TOR) - 6200
  • Patrick Marleau (TOR) - 5200
  • Arrturi Lehkonen (MTL) - 4400
  • Max Pacioretty (MTL) - 6600 -- Good contrarian upside with everyone going Quick
  • Jaden Schwartz (STL) - 6000
  • Vlad Tarasenko (STL) - 7600 -- He is the man to fit in if you can find a way to do it.



Good luck!