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Fantasy Baseball Analysis: Casey Mize, Miguel Cabrera, Jonathan Schoop

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When it comes to the Detroit Tigers, there’s a handful of quality players to draft for your fantasy baseball team.

Sports Illustrated’s fantasy baseball analyst Shawn Childs highlights the sleepers, busts, and breakout players in his team preview.

Childs labels pitcher Casey Mize as a breakout, calls first baseman Miguel Cabrera a value pick, and second baseman Jonathan Schoop a comeback for the 2020 fantasy baseball season.


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Bill Enright: Our fantasy baseball team previews continue as we look at the Detroit Tigers with two of our fantasy baseball analysts, Shawn Childs and Jamie Eisner. Shawn, I'm going to start with you. Why don't you give me a comeback and a sleeper for 2020?

Shawn Childs: Casey Mize is a player that I'm very interested in this year. He's a guy that comes to the Majors with a minimal Minor League experience, but he has great command. He works off a split-finger fastball that is dominating and he's one of those guys when you're looking for a guy to pop out of the Minor League system, he's a guy that has the command. If you can walk under two batters per nine and strike out a lot of guys, he's going to be impactful when he gets to the Majors. Only problem was last year he started off really well over the first 75 innings, ERA was under one. But then he had a shoulder issue. Then he kind of lost his value. So if he can, you know, come back and be healthy this year, he's the guy who could, you know, start the year in the rotation. He's going to be a very attractive player for me, and especially with what's going on with a shortened season, I think he's going to start the year in the rotation because Detroit should look to push him along quickly this year.

As for comeback, Jonathan Schoop is a guy that played for the last couple seasons with two ball clubs, that kind of gave him limited bats in the 400s. But with Detroit, they don't have a strong lineup. So he should be in the lineup every day. He gets drafted really late, after 300, in a lot of these drafts. So he could hit well over 300, score some decent amount on runs, and his batting average could come in neutral. So I think if you get your stolen bases covered, he's kind of that guy that fills in that middle infield position, especially in deep teams. And he's the guy that is flying under the radar as far as what he could do in overall production.

Bill Enright: Jamie, let me go over to you for a value pick from the Detroit Tigers.


Jamie Eisner: Yes, it's actually a fairly big name, although he's in the very twilight of his career and that's Miguel Cabrera. A lot of his power profile has gone from his early days. He has absolutely no speed. But what he does bring you is a pretty decent batting average. I think he can hit around 280 this year. He can still get you in the mid 60s, low 70s in the runs and RBI categories. Again, half that for the half season. Still maybe get you into the upper teens in home runs. If you took a lot of batting average risks early in your draft, maybe a lot of high power guys, you want to add Miguel Cabrera as a potential backup option for you at your corner infield spot. Right now he's going outside the top 350 in NFBC drafts and I think he's a player that should be going inside the top 300. 

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