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Minnesota Twins Fantasy Baseball Analysis: Alex Kirilloff, Rich Hill, Jose Berrios

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When looking at the Twins roster, there are three players that standout who will help fantasy baseball players in the 2020 season. Starting with pitcher Jose Berrios who Sports Illustrated’s fantasy baseball analyst Shawn Childs calls a breakout player for the 2020 season and potential SP1, especially for a “fantasy owner that wants to build his offense early.” Childs labels fellow Twins pitcher as a “value” pick in 2020 and notes some fantasy players will overlook him since his stats will slightly decline now that he’s in the American League. As for a Twins Deep Sleeper, Childs notes outfielder Alex Kiriloff who will start the year in AAA but should get called up to the MLB at some point

Childs was joined by SI’s fantasy baseball analyst Jaime Eisner who discussed these three players in the above video. 

You can read the full transcript from their conversation below.

Corey Parson: Hey, What's up, It's Corey Parson, a fantasy executive here for If you haven't already drafted your fantasy baseball team yet, we got some good news for you: we're still giving out information. Joining us right now to talk some Minnesota Twins are SI fantasy and gambling analysts, Shawn Childs and Jaime Eisner. Shawn, I'll start with you. Give me a breakout and a sleeper play on this Minnesota Twins roster for 2020.

Shawn Childs: Jose Berríos is a top pitcher over the last couple of years, but he hasn't got to that range where you consider him a lead ace. 


He started off last year over his first 22 starts, his ERA was under three, had almost as many strikeouts as innings pitched. Then in the second half of the year, he had one bad start. He gave up nine runs and then he finished up the year with almost a 6 ERA down the stretch or his final 10 starts. So ,the confidence isn't there for most fantasy owners but his fastball is above the league average. Great curveball, great change-up. In his Minor League career he had an ERA under three as well. So he has the foundation to be an elite pitcher. He just needs to step up and get it. So I think this year he's going to be an undervalued great SB 2 that has a chance to be pushed to an SB 1 and even push forward to strike out because his commands always there. As far as a deep sleeper, Alex Kirilloff. He missed 2017 with Tommy John surgery. Played really, really well in his first full season in 2018, 20 home runs, well over 300, under 100 RBI. Last year, he struggled, stepped back at Double-A, had a wrist injury and he's just kind of missed his development times so far. So if the twins struggle to need. If they expand the roster that he even makes one of the deep spots on the bench there. So he's a guy to keep an eye on because if he makes a push of majors, he could be helpful.

Corey Parson: When you look at drafts and auctions, Jamie, who is a player that will provide a lot of value to fantasy owners.

Jaime Eisner: Once the guy has provided a lot of value for the last few years, he tends to get overlooked in a lot of drafts and that's Rich Hill. 

Rich Hill

Despite his age, I know he's got some injury concerns, but we're gonna have a shortened season. So odds tell us that he's going to be able to pitch a higher percentage of this season than he has in some of the past seasons. What you get from him are elite ratios across the board. He's 11 plus strikeouts per nine innings. When he pitches, he has been dominant, and now they may not play as many games with him in Minnesota as the Dodgers are known to be famous for with their starting pitchers out in Los Angeles. So he's someone that late in the draft. I would love to add to my bench because when he starts and when he's healthy, he's a very valuable fantasy asset.

Corey Parson: All right. Thanks a lot, fellas, for all the latest from the majors. Make sure you keep it locked right here to