Don’t Sleep on Bengals Playmakers for Fantasy Football in 2020

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The Bengals had the worst record in the NFL in 2019 which could create some value opportunities when drafting their players in 2020 fantasy football leagues.

With just two wins on the year, the Bengals were the NFL’s worst team in 2019. That’s causing some fantasy football players to overlook their roster when it comes to drafting their fantasy football team. Quarterback Joe Burrow has two great wide receiver options in AJ Green and Tyler Boyd plus running back Joe Mixon should once again finish as a Top 10 running back. Which Bengals players should be targeted in fantasy football drafts? That’s the question Bill Enright asked AllBengals editor James Rapien and Sports Illustrated’s fantasy analyst Frank Taddeo in the above video.Read the transcript from their conversation below.

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Bill Enright: The Bengals may have been one of the worst teams in 2019. But when you're looking at their roster for 2020, they actually have a lot of players that can help you win your fantasy football league. And that's why we're bringing on AllBengals editor James Rapien and fantasy and gambling analyst here at Sports Illustrated Frank Taddeo, to go over this Cincinnati roster. James, I'll kick it over to you first. Let's talk about the passing attack with Joe Burrow, AJ Green and Tyler Boyd. What do you think?

James Rapien: I don't think Joe Burrow could ask for a better supporting cast as he enters his rookie season. AJ Green's a seven time pro-bowler. The only real question mark with him is injury. If he stays healthy, I think the Bengals expect him to still be an elite playmaker for Joe Burrow. And then you look at Tyler Boyd back to back one-thousand yard receiving seasons. He's been extremely steady during the first year of a four-year contract extension. He's going to be a big part of the offense as well. So Joe Burrow will have plenty of weapons on offense and that could bode well for fantasy owners.

Bill Enright: The passing attack is looking to improve this year. Let's talk about the rushing attack with Joe Mixon. Frank, what are your projections telling you?

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, I think as we just previously highlighted, obviously, the weapons are on the outside in AJ Green as well as Tyler Boyd and with Joe Burrow under center - that's going to open up defenses and soften them up for Joe Mixon. Mixon is in line right now to become a fantasy stud. He's being taken in the middle to late picks of the first round right now. And I absolutely love his position there. I think that he's so smooth coming out of the backfield. And as we know, the Bengals, they're going to be behind in so many games Bill. And with a rookie signal-caller, a lot of the times when they feel the pressure, they're gonna look to dump the ball off. And when they going to be dumping the ball off, who's going to be the beneficiary? Joe Mixon. Joe Mixon is going to be getting a lot of garbage time points because obviously they're going to be behind in many games, garbage time points all fantasy owners better know, that leads to golden points. Golden points is something that all fantasy owners want. We all thrive for those points at the end of games. And right now, Joe Mixon projects for that. He's a fantasy stud in 2020.