UFC 249 Betting Preview

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With UFC 249 airing Saturday May 9th, sports bettors have a chance to win big. Corey Parson is joined by Casey Olson to break down how to bet the card.  

Corey Parson: The UFC is back. That's right. This weekend in Jacksonville, in front of an empty stadium, the UFC is back in action. Joining me now to help break down the card is my man, Casey Olson, our gambling insider for UFC purposes. Casey, let me ask you this. This event was originally scheduled for April 18th. Now it looks like it's going to be taking place this week in Jacksonville. How did they go about pulling this off?

Casey Olson: You know, you've got to think about it, Corey, you know, there's a ton of risk here, not only from a health standpoint, but for the company as well. You know, the company has three events in eight days here lined up. They got that Fight Island thing coming up as well. And really, if you think about all that, it's all dependent on this thing going smoothly. And, you know, Dana and the team, credit to them, they've done a ton of work, a lot of preparation to get this going. I mean, they got some twelve hundred COVID-19 tests on hand and they've put together a countless number of additional safety measures that are in place right now. And you've seen some of it this week already through some of the social media, some of the fighters and media, you know, posting out there. Obviously, we got no fans in attendance this week. We got fighters with their individual saunas and workout spaces. You know, they're they're renewing credentials every single day as they checked fighters and training camps temperatures. You know, broadcast teams are going to be sitting separately. But I got to tell you what, I think they got it right. And, you know, Dana is open to sharing it with, you know, the NFL and MLB. And, you know, he's put a lot of things in place to get this thing going for us. So I'm excited. 

Corey Parson: No doubt about it, safety is obviously very paramount in this situation right here. But you know what? I got a pen right here, Casey. you told me that you had some winners. Let me get them. 

Casey Olson: You know, this card is stacked. I'm going to tell you to block your calendar all day Saturday. Get ready for it. The headliner, obviously, Justin Gaethje, is stepping up on short notice to fight Tony Ferguson. Winner gets that interim title, but also gets next dibs on Khabib. You know, they both have outstanding wrestling and grappling bases. But you know what? They both like to stand and bang to the point, you know, Gaethje, he has like 98 percent of his fight time on the feet. You know, Ferguson's right up there too, 80 plus percent of the time. But I'm not going to count out Gaethje here. I think he has a definite shot to shock the world here and make a statement and maybe get that shot. It could be here later this summer. 

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