Betting Preview For 'The Match' Between Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady

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Bill Enright: The Match: Champions for Charity will feature a tandem Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods. They are golfing on May 24th. You can watch it live at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can also bet on it. And that's what we're going to be talking about with Frank Taddeo on Casey Olson, two of our fantasy and gambling insiders here at Sports Illustrated. Casey, I'll start with you first. Give me the rundown of the event and also throw in some odds in your picks for this foursome golf outing.

Casey Olson: This is gonna be great. So May 24th live on TNT. We got really the match between Manning and Woods taking on Mickelson and Brady. This is somewhat of a rematch from Woods and Mickelson back in 2018 where Mickelson actually edged out woods after a four hole playoff. So tying the two quarterbacks and let's see what happens. So little mix here. They're gonna do a front nine best ball with the back nine being an alternate shot play, meaning the all tee off off to the tee box and then alternate shots from there. I got to give the edge to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning here. You know, Peyton has a little bit better handicap. And, you know, as you look at currently what the pros look like. We got Woods ranked 16th and Mickelson's fell off a little bit. He's missed four of his last six cuts and fell to two 222nd in the rankings right now. So, you know, kind of looking at all that, I've got to give the edge to Woods and Manning here. You know, the odds out there I see at a -190. Caesar's actually this morning released a -175 for that side with a comeback on Mickelson and Brady at +155. So let's see Woods get it done and let's see that rubber match here.

Bill Enright: Frank, I'll go over to you. Tom Brady, I mean, shouldn't he be preparing for the upcoming NFL season? What is he doing golfing against Peyton? 

Frankie Taddeo: Yes. And I actually think this is an opportunity for Peyton Manning to get his revenge on Tom Brady because from all indications, Brady is going to be completely dominated on the golf course by Manning, their handicaps are a vast disparity. And right now, as Casey referenced some of the sports books here in Vegas, we're ready to see the juice climb above $2 at certain respected sports books around town as everyone is starting to jump on Tiger Woods and the favorites. And I can't say that I disagree. I reached out to a couple of different respected golf guys that we looked at here in Vegas, and they already said that they're already jumped on the price that Casey referenced. Getting $1.75 and look for the best of the numbers. My advice is here, all sports betters, if you're looking to jump in and you're looking for action on this. I would actually say jumping now and getting on the favorites at the better price, because the only thing that this number is going to do is continue to rise as we get closer to the weekend. 

Bill Enright: This is certainly going to be a fun one. Can't wait to see these two sides battle against each other on the golf course. Frank, Casey, thank you for analysis. Plenty more from Sports Illustrated when it comes to gambling. You can find it all on