Can Juju Smith-Schuster Get Over 1,099.5 Yards This 2020 Season?

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Bill Enright: Juju Smith-Schuster had a really down season in 2019. Ben Roethlisberger was injured, Juju Smith-Schuster missed a couple of games. The result was 552 yards, a career-low. This coming off a 1400 yards season in 2018. Let's break down what these sportsbooks have to say about his projected receiving yards in 2020. For that, I bring in Noah Strackbein from AllSteelers and Jaime Eisner, our fantasy gambling insider here at Sports Illustrated. Jaime, I'll start with you. The sportsbooks: what does the over-under saying about what we can expect out of Smith-Schuster this year?


Jaime Eisner:  Yes, currently sitting at 1099.5 so, that 1100-yard mark is kind of the bench lined with even juice on both sides. Interesting bet because, as you said, this is predicting a full bounce back for Juju and that's right about his per 16 game average. Here's where I look at this, and obviously he's going to come back healthy, but the biggest thing is Ben Roethlisberger coming back healthy and pain-free. With those two together, Juju is averaged about 78.7 yards per game when Roethlisberger starts. That equates about 1260 yards over the course of the season. You're betting on health for both Juju and Ben. Juju has missed five games due to injury and one game due to suspension and his three-year career. But if you think he's going to play fifteen or sixteen games along with Ben Roethlisberger, you should take the over.

Bill Enright: Now, that we're taking a look at these Steelers playmakers, Juju is really that number one viable option as long as he's healthy, as long as Big Ben is healthy. We should expect big numbers from them, right?

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Noah Strackbein: Yeah. The last time they played together, Ben Roethlisberger put Juju Smith-Schuster above Antonio Brown. I know that he no longer has A.B., so he's a true number one, but he has other options for Ben to throw to with Diontae Johnson, James Washington, and now Chase Claypool. Plus, they added Eric Ebron. Ben has options. He loves Juju Smith Schuster. So if they stay healthy, there's no reason they shouldn't have a big year.

Bill Enright: A bounce-back season for Juju Smith-Schuster. Get on the train before it leaves the station. I love it. Jamie, Noah, thank you for your analysis. Plenty more fantasy football strategy and advice. You can find it all from Sports Illustrated by going to