Gambling Today: Safety Shields For Table Games

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Las Vegas hotels and casinos are looking for new ways to make their patrons safe in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic. Frankie Taddeo joins Bill Enright to discuss a new idea that's being floated around, safety shields for table games in casinos.

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Bill Enright: When it comes to making casinos safe again, Las Vegas hotels and casinos are trying really new technology and new ways to make sure that their patrons are safe from the spread of Coronavirus. For our latest gambling today, I bring on Frankie Taddeo, our Vegas insider. Frankie, what's the latest with what Vegas casinos are trying to do?

Frankie Taddeo: Yeah, bill, right now, one of the greatest innovations that possibly could lead to Vegas reopening even faster is coming from a local Vegas company called Streaming Images. It appears that they are now looking at developing an acrylic divider, a safety shield more or less, that would be utilized for table games as well as slot machines. The shields protective use would be separating players from dealers, and also for slot players creating a protective barrier between the machine and the ones immediately next to it. The shields are made of an acrylic and they are easily able to go onto surfaces. They don't require screws and they could be installed in less than 15 minutes. So it's unclear if any casino operators will decide to invest in implementing these dividers, but possibly, Bill, we could be looking at allowing Vegas to return to more normal guidelines as players and and tourists are able to come back and play. I mean, this could be a lifesaver for the poker industry if they're able to seat more people than just four at a table with these dividers. For nearly one in three Nevadans right now that are employed in the gaming and hospitality industry, they're hoping and praying that something like this can come along. Let's just hope that these things can actually lead to less strict guidelines and that many of the major strip casinos, as well as the local casinos will look to invest in a measure such as this one. 

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