UFC Fight Night Gives Gamblers Another Chance to Cash In

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The third UFC event in eight days gives gamblers another great opportunity to win money betting on fights. While the NBA, NHL, and MLB seasons are postponed the UFC is taking full advantage by delivering sports deprived fans three events in a matter of just eight days. UFC Fight Night is scheduled for Saturday, May 16th, with the action streaming on ESPN+. Gamblers that followed Sports Illustrated’s advice from this week’s previous two events cashed in on two under-dogs on the main card. Looking to make it three in a row? Check out SI’s MMA analyst Casey Olson’s recommendation as he joined Frank Taddeo and Bill Enright to discuss his best bets.

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Bill Enright: While the MLB, NBA, NHL are all on hold because of the coronavirus, the UFC is full steam ahead with three fights in a matter of eight days. Let's focus on UFC fight night for Saturday, May 16th. And for that, I bring on Casey Olsen, our MMA and boxing gambling analyst here at Sports Illustrated, and also Frank Taddeo, who covers the world of gambling for SI as well. Frank, I'll start with you, because I know the Vegas sportsbooks were certainly happy to have a UFC event back on the card, back on schedule to offer some bets on.

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, once again, the sportsbooks reported solid action around Vegas as they reported slightly under the six-figure return for a Wednesday night tilt, and that was actually a really good return. But once again, the sportsbooks got the best of the bettors as we saw the big underdog once again come through in the main event as Glover Teixeira came through at odds of +160. So that's two straight main event cards with Underdog has happened. Well, will we see it for a hat trick again on Saturday, Bill?

Bill Enright: I don't know... That's a great question. Let's go to Casey for the answer. Casey, give us your breakdown of who the best bets are for Saturday's UFC action.

Casey Olsen: Guys, we've got another spot here for that underdog and Alistair Overeem opened. He's at a +120 right now. Really, because this entire card's built around Walt Harrison who has returned from tragedy. As you may remember, his stepdaughter was found missing and a month later murdered late last year. So Walt Harris, 13 - 7, with all 13 victories via KO, the oddsmakers like him. Alistair Overeem is proven former K-1 Dream and Strikeforce champion and Walt Harris's notable victory is really a split decision win over Andrei Arlovski. So my money's with Alastair Overeem. As long as he controls the distance, he can take this one deep and he has a shot to take down the upset.

Bill Enright: Casey, I know you have plenty more predictions in your article. Frank, great analysis, as always. For more of Casey's predictions, you can find it by going to SI.com/gambling. Good luck with all your bets.