Sports Betting: Buying Points is an Art Form

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Welcome to SI's Sports Gambling 101 where we are breaking down the terms you need to know to be a better bettor.

When you go to make a bet you always take a look at the point spread- but if it isn't a favorable one- don't worry here's a tip- you can buy points.

For instance if a spread is set at a plus 2.5 points- a player can buy one point to move the line up to plus 3.5 points- this gives you better odds but the juice attached to the odds also increases with each point purchased.

How many points bettors can purchase depends on the sportsbook, the sporting event, and the odds format.

Just know when it comes to gambling- you always have options and sports illustrated is always here to help you know what they are!

Good luck gamblers- we'll see you next time for another gambling 101 here on

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