No Poker at the Wynn Once Casino Reopens

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Sports Gambling Today: May 20th

The coronavirus did something no one previously thought was possible; force casinos to shut their doors and lock-out gamblers. It's been months since the Las Vegas strip beamed with bright lights while the ding-ding-ding sounds of slot machines played in the background.

But as we get back to opening some businesses across the country, Las Vegas is taking extra precautions when it comes to reopening casinos and for the Wynn Casino and Resort, that means closing down their poker room even when the rest of the casino opens.

Sports Illustrated's Las Vegas inside, Frank Taddeo discussed more of the story in detail. 

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Bill Enright: Welcome to Sports Illustrated's Gambling Today, where we focus on the latest stories across these sports betting and gambling industry. Today we're talking about the Wynn Casino and when they plan on opening, they will do so without poker. Let's bring on our Vegas insider, Frank Taddeo with the latest story. Frank, talk to me about the Wynn's plans to open without poker.

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, as we previously highlighted here at Sports Illustrated's Gambling Today, a prediction of the poker industry taking a serious hit has now come to fruition after we have learned now that the Wynn Las Vegas will not be offering any poker. Previously, they had it as part of their detailed opening document released last month that they were going to be poker back. But it appears that management has made a decision that many players will balk at the Nevada Gaming Control Board's rules of limiting poker to four-handed play, making it an unprofitable endeavor. The decision by Wynn, one of the most prominent casino operators in the country, highlights the massive changes gamblers can now expect when they return to Vegas casinos. The live poker industry, especially here in Las Vegas, appears to be on life support, Bill. And with these over the top demands with four-handed play, there's going to be a strong move back to legalizing online poker once again nationwide. That appears to be the biggest lock all gamblers can take away. If more poker rooms around the country come to the realization that the live poker industry is impossible to offer post the COVID-19 pandemic, Bill. The poker industry is in for some serious, serious problems, especially the live one. Tournaments, cash games, everywhere. This is going to have a major, major effect on poker rooms across the country as well as across the world.

Bill Enright: Frank, great reporting as always. We'll continue to keep an eye on this story along with any other story that involves gambling and sports gambling here on Sports Illustrated's Gambling Today. Thank you.