Beginners Guide to Sports Gambling: The Supercontest

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This is Sports Illustrated Gambling 101 where we teach you the terms you need to know to make some extra cash.

Go big or go home- that's what we're talking about when it comes to SuperContests. 

Entries for the SuperContests are accepted from mid-January until the Saturday before Week 1 of the NFL season.

 Players are allowed a maximum number of entries ranging from 15 hundred to 5 thousand dollars.

Over each of the 17 NFL regular season weeks, players are required to pick five games using the point spread and submit their picks.

For every correct pick -players get a point and a half point and for any selection that is a push.

Players with the most points at the end of season earn a share of the various prize pools.

Prizes depend on the number of entries but last year the top prize was a cool $1.469 million dollars- yep you heard me right.

So gamblers, go big- go super big- with a super contest! We'll see you next time for another gambling 101 here on