Las Vegas Airport Takes Innovative Steps to Protect Travelers

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With the coronavirus pandemic virtually shutting down all travel across the globe, McCarran Airport in Las Vegas is taking steps to help protect travelers from COVID-19. The United State's tenth busiest airport is installing vending machines that distribute Personal Protective Equipment like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. The PPE vending machines are another example of how the Las Vegas community is trying to not only protect travelers from the coronavirus but also restore faith in potential Las Vegas visitors. 

Sports Illustrated's gambling analyst, Frank Taddeo, highlights some of the facts surrounding the new vending machines inside McCarran Airport. 

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Bill Enright: This is Sports Illustrated's Gambling Today, and let's go to our Vegas insider, Frank Taddeo for the latest on what McCarran Airport is doing to protect the travelers and citizens of Las Vegas. Frankie, let's go over this really ingenious idea that's happening at McCarran Airport, give me the latest.

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Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, right now, Nevada is pulling out all the stops to convince gamblers and tourists alike that Los Vegas casinos, they're really safe to return to and they're the safest in the country, possibly even in the world. All gamblers who fly to Sin City and forget their personal protective equipment have a new kind of machine that will instantly pay off, Bill. McCarran International Airport has become the first airport in the country to install brand new vending machines selling hand sanitizer, gloves, and face masks. McCarran, as we know, is the nation's 10th busiest airport, recorded 2.3 million passenger drop in March compared to the same month last year in 2019. That translates to a 53% decrease in arriving and departing passengers, which is not a good sign, Bill, for the struggling Vegas economy. Las Vegas is working now with state officials on all outlets that involve tourism as they looked to find ways to convince gamblers that the strip is safe to return to. And once again, Governor Sisolak is still waiting to announce when casinos can open their doors as part of Phase 3 of Nevada's road to recovery. The world has changed and Vegas is trying to change with it. A new Vegas for a new reality, Bill and it starts with PPE machines.

Bill Enright: I used to love stepping off the airplane when I arrive in Las Vegas because they always had slot machines, as soon as you walk off the runway or whatever that jet thing is called... But now I'm going to be looking forward to PPE machines. It's amazing. McCarran Airport definitely on the verge of something new that could be a trend across the country and across the world. Frankie, great reporting as always. Plenty more gambling stories you can find from Sports Illustrated by going to