Beginners Guide to Sports Gambling: What is Live Betting?

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This is Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101 where we are teaching you the terms you need to know to put a little more cash in your account.

It's a gambler's dream- today we are breaking down- Live Bets

Live betting has never been simpler and more available than ever before!

At any hour of the day bettors can log on to their account and wager on live contests- even in the middle of a game.

For example if you bet the Patriots to beat the Bills in the first quarter and the Bills are up 7-0, you can try to recoup your money by taking a live bet during the game. If you think the Patriots will come back and win the half, then live betting gives you the opportunity to place this bet and more throughout the game.

Yep- if a major sporting event is being played on the Earth- in-play betting options are likely available somewhere.

So what are you waiting for- hop online and get in on the action! If you need help Sports Illustrated will see you for another Gambling 101 here on