Can Auburn Get To 10 Wins In 2020?

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Last year, Auburn finished with nine wins but for the 2020 season oddsmakers are skeptical they can get back to that mark this season. According to the latest odds, Auburn has a win total of 8.5 games with the over netting favorable odds at +115 and the under moderately juiced to -143.

Sports Illustrated’s gambling analysts, Frank Taddeo and Jaime Eisner run through Auburn’s schedule and discuss taking the over or under.

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Bill Enright: Our college football betting preview continues as we look at the Auburn Tigers for the 2020 college football season. Let's bring on Jaime Eisner and Frank Taddeo, our gambling analysts here at Sports Illustrated, to discuss the win total and the odds to win the SEC. Frank, I'll start with you. Give me the schedule breakdown for the Auburn Tigers and what you're looking at when it comes to their prop bets.

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill. Right now the oddsmakers have their season win total projection number set at 8.5, heavily juiced to the over at -195. For me, Bill, I would recommend that bettors out there don't really go with 8.5 there, maybe shop around to see if you can get 9 and then possibly at worst push this bet because I actually have the Tigers winning 9 or even 10 games. So I think this wager on the season win total is a great way to go. They are listed as the third overall betting choice to win the SEC West for the first time since 2011. They come in at odds of +550. But if we look at their overall odds to win the SEC championship game, we see them at 14 to 1, but we know that Alabama stands in the way right now. So for me right now, I actually look at them and I think there's a strong play to the over in their season win total. 

I think that they have tough games, but both of their tough games to end the season, they have LSU at home. We know it's the defending national champions. They're one point dogs, but that game is going to be in Auburn. So they're gonna have a chance at Jordan-Hare stadium to be able to pull that victory out. And then we know that they're going to go on the road. They're going to start the season, Bill, easily 5-0, so the bettors are going to have a head start on this market right now. And then all they have to do really is find four wins, and you're gonna be looking at a win if you take the 8.5 and lay the juice, or you'll be looking at the possibility of just having 9 and pushing. But I think you're gonna get to ten this year. So the play for me, Bill, is on the over. 

Bill Enright: Jaime, do you concur with our guy, Frankie here? Are you taking the over for the Auburn Tigers regular season win total? 

Jaime Eisner: I am, and I also agree that if you can shop around and find a more favorable number at 9, you should do it. Really, this bet is gonna come down to, barring something unforeseen, four games. It's a home date against A&M, a home date against LSU, on the road in Georgia, on the road against Alabama. If you think they can just get one of those wins, that would be a win on the eight and a half and a push on the nine. Do you think they can split those, maybe win those two home games, you're going to get to double digit wins. This is gonna be an easy victory for you. I don't really see enough value anywhere else. They are, to me at best, the third best team in their division. They're not going to win the conference, they're not going to win the national championship, barring something, just absolutely crazy happening. But I do think they can really push ten regular season wins this year. So shop around and find that best number.