Gambling 101: What Are Three-Way Odds?

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Nobody likes ties in sports, unless you're betting on the game to finish as a tie. Three-way odds make it possible for bettors to bet on a tie occurring. Kaitlin O'Toole breaks down everything you need to know about three-way betting odds in today's Gambling 101. 

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When it comes to gambling, the only thing better than having two-way odds is having three. This is Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101, where we are teaching you the terms you need to know to win some more cash. Today, we're talking three-way betting odds, and simply put, these odds offer three wagering options that focus on regulation time results only. They differ from two-way odds as a tie is added as a third betting choice. Three-way odds are popular in soccer betting as those contests often end in a draw. 

So how do you know when to make a three-way betting odd? First, bettors need to decide if either side will win outright or if they think the score will be tied after regulation time. If you check the two-way lines and they are close, this is when you should consider a tie bet. And although common in soccer and NHL, three lines are available on a variety of sports as money lines, game total and point spread wagering choices. So next time you go to make a bet, make sure you keep three-way betting odds in mind. And if you need help, bookmark Sports Illustrated's glossary of terms, and we'll see you next time for another Gambling 101 here on

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