Travis Kelce Receiving Yards Prop Bet: Odds and Predictions

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Travis Kelce has been a statistical monster on the field for the last four seasons. He’s reached more than 1,000 yards in four consecutive seasons including back-to-back seasons of over 1,200 yards. For 2020 the oddsmakers set his yardage total at 1,125 yards which is about 100 yards below his total from 2019. The over and under both have the same odds at -110. Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst Jaime Eisner and Arrowhead Report’s Joshua Brisco tell bettors if they should take the over or under on Kelce’s receiving total. Read the full transcript below to find out which bet to place.

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Bill Enright: The oddsmakers sent chiefs tight end Travis Kelce with a yardage prop of 1,125 yards. Can he hit the over? Let's go to gambling analyst Jaime Eisner and Arrowhead Report's Joshua Brisco to break it down. Jamie, I'll start with you. Draft Kings Sportsbook, they have Travis Kelce set with 1,125 yards. You're taking the over or the under.

Jaime Eisner: I'm taking the over, especially considering this total dropped about 100 yards from where it was sitting most of the offseason, and we're sitting at 1,225 1/2 with minus 110 on both sides. In twenty-nine games where Patrick Mahomes started and finished, Travis Kelce is averaging 6.3 catches, 82.6 yards and point 8 touchdowns per game. As far as this bets concerned, that is a 16 game average of 1,322 yards. He is gone over this posted total by more than 100 yards each of the last two seasons with Mahomes. He doesn't miss time. I don't expect Mahomes to miss time again this year. So I like the over.


Bill Enright: Josh, let's go over to you. You're the chief's guy. So what do you make of this prop bet?

Joshua Brisco: I think you got to go over whatever we were looking at maybe being another 100 yards up, I got a little nervous, simply because there's a ton of talent in this offense, which we all know about, both from the quarterback and the weapons. But Kelce's gone over 4000 yards or over 1000 yards, four seasons in a row. That's remarkable. And like we said, last two seasons, he's cleared this exact number. I don't know where Patrick Mahomes would go for all of those yards, if not some of them, Travis Kelce, I think he gets his share. I'll take you over as well.

Bill Enright: All right. Both taking the over. I love when everyone's in agreement, hopefully, everyone can make some money betting on Travis Kelce to go over his yardage total in 2020. Plenty more NFL player prop bets. You can find it by going to