Texas A&M Odds and Predictions: It Will Be Difficult for Aggies to Hit the Over

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Texas A&M finished with an 8-5 record in 2019 and the oddsmakers think the Aggies will finish with a similar record in 2020. The win total for the SEC squad is set at 9.5 with the under set at -137 and the over at +110. 

Their non-conference schedule against North Texas, Colorado and Abilene Christian is relatively easy but things get harder once they take on SEC opponents. With games against Auburn, South Carolina, and Alabama all on the road their chance to crack the over on their 9.5 total will be difficult.Read the transcript below to find out what Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst, Frank Taddeo predicts for the Aggies in 2020.

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Bill Enright: Sports Illustrated's college football betting preview continues as we take a look at Texas A&M, who won eight games in 2019. Well, let's find out what SI gambling analyst Frank Taddeo thinks they can do in 2020 as we take a look at the odds for the Aggies. Frank. Take it away.

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, it's it's funny that you mentioned that they had eight wins last season because that's how many very attainable wins I see for Texas A&M with a very favorable schedule this season. The oddsmakers over at Points Bet Sportsbook have their season win total projection, set at 9.5. We see heavy steam right now and the odds are juiced heavily now to the under at odds of a dollar fifty-five to go under that they won't find 10 wins this season. And I tend to agree, even though this schedule is not very difficult, the bettors are actually going to have to decide: Will they find a split in four of their hardest games this season? That would be LSU, Alabama, Mississippi State, and as well as Auburn. But I'm not so sure that they can, Bill. 

We know that they're going to be underdogs in several of those games. And I really find that there's better value maybe targeting their regular season games and their matchups rather than finding any markets that I can see advising bettors to go out and invest in, in terms of their future markets right now for the 2020 season. 

Kellen Mond is going to be a guy everyone is expecting great progression in his senior year. And Jimbo Fisher is really going to need to have him jump out and make that progression if they're going to have any hopes of having a successful season in the SEC. But for me, Bill, overall, I find that there's better games for bettors to look in game and look for in regular season games and target those matchups, because right now, I don't think that there's any future market that offers enough value and jumps off the page that bettors should be looking to invest in at this point for Texas A&M in 2020.