UFC 250 Odds and Predictions: Nunes the Heavy Favorite

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Sports gamblers looking to take action for UFC 250 should look no further than Sports Illustrated’s combat sports analyst Casey Olson’s picks. He’s been absolutely on fire with his picks, going 8-3 in the last UFC card and hitting on three of the last four main event fights. 

For UFC 250, Amanda Nunes will battle Felicia Spencer in the main event. Nunes is the HEAVY favorite with current odds of -670. Meanwhile her opponent is has positive odds of +475. Is betting on Nunes a smart move considering the heavy juice on her winning the match? Olson answers in the above video.

Read the full transcript from Olson’s UFC 250 predictions.

Bill Enright: UFC 250 is back in Las Vegas this weekend on June 6th. It is the first main sports event that is going to hit Sin City since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Let's bring on Frank Taddeo and Casey Olson, our fantasy and gambling analysts here at Sports Illustrated. Casey, I'm going to go over to you. You've been red hot. I believe you were 8 - 3 or 9 - 3 the last time we did one of these videos for the UFC event. Let's talk about who you're looking to bet on for UFC 250.


Casey Olson: Yeah, great card here, but let's think about this. Could college football's best team beat the NFL is worse? Probably not... And I see a lot of similarities in the main event this weekend. Amanda Nunez, the female G.O.A.T., pound-for-pound best out there is fighting Felicia Spencer. The division doesn't even have enough fighters on the roster to make up a ranking system. So Spencer's the rightful contender here with this matchup, but I just don't see it. The thing was MMA, though, a one split second error really could change everything. That's the beauty of the sport, but the wide line here I see, I'm going to stay off that main event. A couple of fights I am looking at, though, Chase Hooper, exciting guy who's taken on the veteran Bruce Leroy, is up against Alex Caceres. Caceres is 5 - 7 in his last 12 and he loses the majority of the time via submission, which happens to be Hooper's best tool that he has, I'd say. Cody Stamann, I like him. He lost his little brother last week. He's very motivated. There's going to be a lot of emotion here and he's taken on Brian Kelleher, who actually won three weeks ago in a fight that he was actually losing until he was able to clip Hunter Azure. Don't sleep on Evan Dunham too, +175. I think there's some recency bias there. Gilbert Burns' little brother, Herbert Burns has won four in a row, but Evan Dunhams always in every fight. He's a tough guy and I think he's going to be ready. I just like the value in that line.

Bill Enright: Frank, let me go over to you for where the sharp action is heading.


Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, according to William Hill, we know that back on May 30th, the card drew tremendous, tremendous betting interest. And it looks like once again, the shops are back for another bite at the apple. The guy that they're investing in right now is a guy that Casey just highlighted, and that would be Chase Hooper. Hooper, this morning around Vegas, opened at odds of around a $1.45 - $1.50 In that range. But as it we're making this video right now, he's already up to minus $1.80 and in some spots around town, up to minus $2 and that's tremendous after the sharp steam. So right now, the lock of the card, according to the shops right now, is somebody that Casey is also all over and that would be Chase Hooper, Bill.

Bill Enright: Frank Taddeo, Casey Olson, thank you guys for your insight. Make sure if you want to win money betting on UFC 250, you check out Casey's article read you can find by going to SI.com/gambling.