Sports Gambling Beginners Guide: Common Odds

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What are point spread, money line and game total wagering options?

Today on Gambling 101 we are taking a look at the most common betting odds available.

Known as the ‘big three” money lines, game totals and point spreads are offered on most sporting events. Understanding the intricacies of common odds formats, plus how they relate to straight bets, parlays, and prop options, it's ALL essential to cashing winning wagers.

Lets start with Point Spread Betting Odds

Often abbreviated to ATS, against the spread odds are designed to create equal action on both sides of a competition. For example, you might see +8 for an underdog like the Browns vs -8 chalk for the Ravens. Both ATS lines are posted with (-110) juice so bettors need to wager $110 to earn a $100 return.

Point spread odds are a best bet when research reveals a high scoring offense is facing a weak defense.

Ok gamblers, moving onto Moneyline Betting Odds.

Straight up odds require bettors to select the outright winner of a matchup. For example will the Brown or Ravens win the game. Since a point spread isn’t involved - prices are the great equalizer on money line options.

Let's talk about Game Total Betting Odds.

Here you are betting on OVER and UNDER options, For example- Will the final score in the matchup be over or under 45. A good time to consider this bet is when two high-scoring teams face each other- then take the over.

Lastly lets discuss Total Odds on Prop Betting Option.

These are offered as futures bets- For example: how many yards will a rookie qub have his first season. Simple enough if you're patient

When it comes down to it research and shopping for the best odds will help you be profitable and then of course there is Sports Illustrated's Glossary of Terms!

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