Gambling 101: National Football League Betting

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What are the most popular NFL wagering options and how do bettors get in on the action? Today on Gambling 101 we are breaking down the National Football League

Originally established in the 1920s the NFL is the highest level of gridiron football on the planet.

From sports gambling to several types of fantasy football contests, the NFL is the premier sports betting league in North America. 

Designed to attract action on both sides of a match, NFL point spread pricing can range from EVEN to upwards of 17 points or more. For example, one sportsbook has Week 1 of 2020 with Pittsburgh a -4 point road favorite over New York.

Moneyline odds are also offered on every NFL game. Bettors are required to invest more money to bet on favorites than they do on an underdog.

This may mean that in a matchup between Philadelphia and Washington bettors need to wager $290 to earn a $100 profit if Philadelphia wins while a $100 bet returns $235 if Washington is the winner.

Rounding out the big three NFL betting options, game total odds ask bettors to predict the final score of NFL contests. Bookmakers set a point total and players need to decide if the combined match score, including overtime, will be OVER or UNDER the posted number.

Continuously growing in popularity, NFL prop and futures betting options are also available 365 days per year. 

There is a ton of NFL action betters can be a part of but the key is to always remember to follow a proper research path. For more insight Make sure to bookmark sports illustrated glossary of terms and tune in for another Gambling 101 here on