Gambling 101: Major League Baseball

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What are the most popular MLB wagering options and how do bettors get in on the action? Today on Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101 we are breaking down Major League Baseball.

As the oldest professional sports organization in North America, Major League Baseball was founded in 1903 when the National League and American League merged. A variety of pregame and LIVE betting odds are offered daily during the 162 game regular season. So there is a ton of action for gamblers!

Run lines are offered as the primary baseball spread betting option. Pregame run lines list the favorite at -1.5 runs and they must win the game by two runs or more. Underdogs open with a +1.5 run head start and need to win outright or lose by just one run. Ties are not possible with standard run lines and tickets are graded after nine innings plus any extra innings that may be played.

Also known as straight up betting odds, MLB moneylines require bettors to select the game winner without a point spread being involved. average baseball moneyline odds range from (+100) to (+/-300) depending on the caliber of the teams.

MLB game total options ask bettors to predict whether the combined final score will be UNDER or OVER the total runs posted by bookmakers. If you're more of a prop better don't worry Baseball propositions, plus futures betting options, are available during the preseason, throughout the regular season and during the playoffs.