Gambling 101: How to Bet on MLS

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How can betters get in on the action and what are popular MLS wagering options? Today on Gambling 101 we are breaking down Major League Soccer. As part of a deal with FIFA, to host the 1994 World Cup tournament, U.S. Soccer agreed to form a Division 1 professional soccer league. Established in 1993, Major League Soccer was officially formed in 1995 and the league play began with 10 teams in 1996. Now there are a variety of options for gamblers to choose from when betting on Major League Soccer!

Three-way goal lines are offered as a common MLS spread betting option. An example is a favorite team that may be listed with a -1 goal meaning they would need to win by two goals or more. The underdog may be posted as a +1 goal and that team would need to win outright or tie to cash.

MLS moneyline odds are offered as 2-way and 3-way betting options. The winner is decided after full time, including added stoppage time, and original bets are refunded if a match ends in a draw. Juice prices improve on 3-way odds as a TIE is added as a third option. Here's a tip- Bettors that are confident of an outright winner should bet with three-way odds.

Soccer betting fans have access to a variety of MLS futures and prop betting options. There are also Pregame and LIVE in-play prop bets that are available during all MLS matches. Popular prop options include correct match score, half time, and full-time results, plus LIVE betting on the winner of timed intervals.

Like always it's important for betters to do the proper research before placing a bet. If you need help make sure to bookmark Sports Illustrated's Glossary of terms and tune in for another Gambling 101 here on