Gambling 101 - What are Two Way Odds?

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How do bettors read these popular wagering lines and how do they differ from similar sports betting options? Today on Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101 we are breaking down two-way bets!

As the most common betting option available, two-way wagering odds are very straightforward.

They're available across all sports wagering markets and are offered as point spreads, money lines and game totals. Player and team props, plus a variety of futures options, are also posted with two-way betting lines.

Different from three-way odds, which include a TIE option, bettors need to select from just two sides on two-way odds. The final score of a match, which includes regulation time and overtime, decides the winner of standard two-way betting tickets.

Offered during the preseason, regular season and playoffs, a variety of proposition options are also listed with two-way betting lines. For example, prior to the 2020 NFL season, bettors could wager on how many total passing yards Aaron Rodgers would post. If the yards are set at 3899.5 yards and Rodgers reaches or exceeds 3900 passing yards, OVER bettors collect $100 on every $110 they wager.

So two-way betting lines are pretty simple to understand but bettors still need to follow a solid pregame research plan. Reviewing the current form of the sides involved, recent head-to-head history, plus injuries and venue, are keys to cashing winning wagers.

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