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WATCH: Blimp crashes near U.S. Open

A blimp plummeted from the sky during the opening round of the U.S. Open
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A dramatic scene unfolded Thursday at the U.S. Open as an advertising blimp caught fire and plunged toward the ground near Erin Hills in Wisconsin.

The USGA, which runs the event, announced on Twitter the pilot was injured after parachuting out.

Multiple Twitter users posted images from the first round of play, chronicling the blimp's descent.

“It started deflating, and then it started going down,” witness Bryan Rosine told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “They were trying to give it some throttle and it didn’t go up. Then there was a bunch of kabooms and smoke clouds.”

Emergency workers used ATVs to reach a single individual in the open field where the pilot landed. More details are still emerging.

Watch video of the crash below. 

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