Wait What, Phil Mickelson Throws Right-Handed and Has a Cannon?

Phil Mickelson has an absolute rocket of an arm, which I did not expect at all. 
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The NFL draft kicks off in a few hours, which means the Browns will put a merciful end to all the speculation as to who they'll take with the number one pick. They're widely expected to take a quarterback, and Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold have emerged as the two guys most likely to go first overall. 

I'd like to introduce another quarterback to the conversation: Phil Mickelson. Check out Lefty, who throws a football righty, absolutely slinging it during a casual moment on the course. 

In the spirit of the draft, here's the official... 

Phil Mickelson scouting report 

Pros: Rocket arm, ideal measurables (6'3'', 200 pounds), experienced winner, extremely smart, very rich 
Cons: Age (47), not what you'd call mobile 

Looks like a late-round steal to me.