The biggest star in the game and a 24-year-old poised to take the torch as the face of American golf are playing together Sunday at the Players. 

By Scooby Axson
May 13, 2018

The biggest star in the game and a 24-year-old American poised to take the torch as the face of American golf are playing together on a Sunday for the very first time.

After both players shot 65 to shoot up the leaderboard after making the cut on the number, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth will play together in the final round of the Players Championship.

Both players started the day in a tie for 9th, but they're a full 11 strokes behind Webb Simpson, who set the tournament 54-hole scoring record by firing 19-under 197 over the first three days. Simpson is seven shots ahead of his closest competitor, Danny Lee.

Woods is making his eighth start since returning form a yearlong absence to have spinal fusion surgery. He is currently 92nd in the Official World Golf Ranking, while Spieth is ranked fourth.

It will be the tenth time Woods and Spieth have played together overall, with the most recent occurrence being over the first two rounds at the Valspar Championship earlier this year.

Woods beat Spieth by nine strokes over the two days, but Spieth edged him every other time they've been paired together except for one tie in 2014. Overall, Spieth has a 6-2-1 advantage.

Follow along all day as these two superstars duel it out at TPC Sawgrass.

Hole 1

Woods - (Par, Even thru 1, 8 under overall, T-17)

Woods used his driver to line a shot down the left side of fairway. and ended up using from about 108 yards out that landed 20 feet short of the hole. 2 putts for par.

Spieth - (Par, Even thru 1, 8 under overall, T-17)

Spieth hit a driver down the left fairway as well. His approach pushed to the right of the green and spun off the front.

Hole 2

Woods - (Par, Even thru 2 (8 under overall, T-17)

Tiger hit a 3-wood far to the right near some bushes, but with his second shot manages to get it to the fairway. A little up and down but manages around two putt for par on the Par 5, 533 yard hole

Spieth - (Par, Even thru 2 (8 under overall, T-17)

Spieth hit a three wood up the right side and went for the green in two shots, but missed left. Missed birdie

Hole 3

Woods - Birdie (–1 under thru 3, 9 under overall, T-9)

Tiger hit the green on the par 3 and knocks it in for birdie.

Spieth - Par (Even thru 3, 8 under overall, T-21)

Spieth ended up two putting for par.

Hole 4

Woods - Birdie (–2 under thru 4, 10 under overall, T-6)

Tiger hits the left side of the fairway and uses a wedge to get near the cup. Woods taps in the easy bird from four feet to move up the leaderboard.

Spieth - Par (Even thru 4, 8 under overall, T-21)

Hole 5

Woods - Birdie (–3 thru 5, 11 under overall, T-4)

Tiger drives the ball down the right and towards the center of the fairway. His second shot is over the flagstick. Woods birdies for the third straight hole

Spieth - Par (Even thru 5, 8 under overall, T-24)

Spieth's second shot for 149 yards out cuts to the right of the hole. He just misses the birdie putt and taps in for par.

Hole 6

Woods - Par (–3 thru 6, 11 under overall, T-3)

Tiger came up just short of a fourth straight birdie, settling for a two-putt and par.

Spieth - Par (Even thru 6, 8 under overall, T-26)

He had a shot at a birdie following his approach shot, but missed a 15-foot putt for come out with a sixth straight par on the afternoon.

Hole 7

Woods - Par (–3 thru 7, 11 under overall, T-3)

After a beauty of a drive, Woods followed up with a trip into the sand. He saved par after getting out of the bunker successfully.

Spieth - Par (Even thru 7, 8 under overall, T-25)

Spieth followed up a drive down the middle with a second that the put him just outside the green. After a long putt, he tapped the ball home for another par.

Hole 8

Woods - Par (–3 thru 8, 11 under overall, T-4)

Tiger sent his tee shot into another bunker, but saved par by using the slope on the green for a bounce-back shot for his seventh one-putt on the day.

Spieth - Bogey (+1 thru 8, 7 under overall, T-31)

Spieth's first shot went into the sand, while his second had a little too much on it. Unable to save par with, he finished with a two-putt bogey.

Hole 9

Woods - Birdie (–4 thru 9, 12 under overall, T-3)

Another bomb off the tee for Tiger. His second shot ends up in the rough, but his third puts him in position for a makeable putt—and a birdie.

Spieth - Birdie (Even thru 9, 8 under overall, T-25)

Needing to get back on track, Spieth followed up a long drive with a shot into the bunker. A great recovery shot leads to a one-putt and a birdie to get back to even.

Hole 10

Woods - Par (–4 thru 10, 12 under overall, T-4)

Tiger started the back-nine with a shot at a birdie after two tight shots, but came away with a two-putt to take par.

Spieth - Par (Even thru 10, 8 under overall, T-27)

Spieth escaped the 10th hole with par after a poor tee shot and a poor lie on his second shot. A two-putt on the green.

Hole 11

Woods - Birdie (–5 thru 11, 13 under overall, T-3)

We got the full Tiger experience on 11: A big drive right down the middle, followed by a 230-yard second shot that put him on the green. He came within millimeters of an eagle, but a birdie suits him just fine.

Spieth -Birdie (-1 thru 11, 9 under overall, T-23)

Looking to make up a little ground, Spieth was gunning for the eagle, but came out with a birdie on the Par 5.

Hole 12

Woods - Birdie (–6 thru 12, 14 under overall, T2)

A stroke of luck on the drive, as Tiger's tee shot veered to the right only to bounce off a tree. He went with it, popping a short-range second shot onto the green for an easy birdie putt.

Spieth -Par (-1 thru 12, 9 under overall, T-24)

A beautiful approach put him in position to birdie, but& Spieth's issues with the putter continue.

Hole 13

Woods - Par (-6 thru 13, 14 under overall T2)

Tiger hits the green safely, but is way off on the slope. Comes back to tap in for par.

Spieth - Par (-1 thru 13, 9 under overall, T-24)

Hole 14

Woods - Bogey (-5 thru 14, 13 under overall, T4)

Tiger hits it right down the middle about 350 feet on his tee shot. He missed the pin high side on the second shot with a wedge and is short of the pin. His putt from eight feet is out, and bogeys the hole for the second straight day.

Speith - Par (-1 thru 14, 9 under overall, T23)

Speith's second shot from 168, hits the front slope of the green. His third shot is about four feet to the pin. Great shot.

Hole 15

Woods - Par (-5 thru 15, 13 under overall, T5)

The ball on left side of the fairway with his driver and his second shot spins back, but he is good position. The birdie putt from 19 feet is no good. Two-putt for par and Tiger is running out of time. 

Spieth - Par (-1 thru 15, 9 under overall, T23)

Spieth hits from 11 feet for a birdie and misses. Taps in for par.

Hole 16

Woods - Par (-5 thru 16, 13 under overall, T4)

Tiger drills the driver in the rough on the right side. On third shot, the wedge from 98 yards is decent. Still in line for a birdie chance, which he misses. Par.

Spieth - Par (-1 thru 16, 9 under overall, T22)

The drive gets hung up in the trees for the Par 5. Should still be in good shape for a score on this hole, but hits the water on his second shot. Third shot will be dropped. Spieth saves for par.

Hole 17

Woods - Double Bogey (-3 thru 17, 11 under overall, T10)

Tiger leaves his tee shot short and it hits water. On his fourth stroke, he missed an easy putt that would have salvaged a bogey. Tiger taps in a short putt for a double bogey. Crushing blow for Woods.

Spieth - Birdie (-2 thru 17, 10 under overall, T17)

Spieth hit a beautiful tee shot and calmly nailed a birdie putt to put him at 10 under for the tournament and two under for the day.

Hole 18

Woods - Par (-3 thru 18, 11 under overall, T11)

Woods hooks his tee shot right to left with an iron. Beautiful shot. Second stroke from Tiger is a towering shot close to the hole. Birdie shot curves just a bit right and Tiger taps it in to finish at par. He's clearly frustrated with his last few holes.

Spieth - Quadruple Bogey (+2 thru 18, 6 under overall, T41)

Spieth hits the tee shot way left and it lands in the middle of the water. Tough break for the American and it ruins his birdie on 17. From 117 yards out, Spieth fails to hit the green. He misses two easy tap ins and will have to settle for a quadruple bogey. Not the way Spieth wanted to finish.

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