Justin Thomas’s dad is not a sportswriter, so Rick Reilly’s joke landed totally flat. 

By Dan Gartland
September 26, 2018

There’s nothing veteran sportswriter Rick Reilly loves more than golf and making bad jokes, which was on display Wednesday at the Ryder Cup.

Reilly asked Ryder Cup rookie Justin Thomas if he was ashamed that his father was a sportswriter. It would have been a C/C- joke if Thomas’s father actually was a sportswriter, but he’s not, so the inquiry just left Thomas perplexed. 

Thomas’s dad, Mike, is the head golf pro at a country club north of Louisville. While he’s not actually a sportswriter, Reilly isn’t entirely off base. Mike is in France to watch his son play and will be filing dispatches from the tournament for The Courier Journal. His first story went up on Tuesday afternoon but Justin must not have read it, hence the confusion.

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