HBO 24/7 to follow Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson for The Match - Sports Illustrated

HBO has released the trailer for the 24/7 series that will follow Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson before 'The Match' on Nov. 23.

Woods and Mickleson will square off on the day after Thanksgiving in a pay-per-view television event. The match will be played for a $9 million winner-take-all purse and will cost viewers $19.99 to purchase the duel. The match is not open to the public. Only sponsors and VIP guests will be invited to attend.

"It would mean more than the $9 mill to take it off of him," Woods says in the trailer. "It's just that much better."

The first episode of 24/7 will air on Nov. 13.

Everything you need to know about The Match

The match will be availble to view through Turner's B/R Live, DirectTV and AT&T U-verse.