Phil Mickelson Once Sat Next to Tony Romo Just to Anger Tiger

In the 24/7 HBO preview for The Match, Mickelson tells a funny story involving himself, Tony Romo and Tiger. 
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Before their recent detente, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were known to be less than friendly. But both men have been pretty guarded throughout their careers and thus stayed tight-lipped about their non-friendship. 

Now we're beginning to hear some stories, and they're fantastic. 

As part of the promotion for their upcoming $9 million match in Las Vegas, HBO produced a "24/7" show following both players in their preparations for the showdown. Mickelson tweeted a video clip from the show in which he tells a story of once eating dinner with Tony Romo simply to anger Tiger. 

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For those who can't watch the video: Tiger and Phil were paired together in the final round 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Tiger's partner in the pro-am was Tony Romo, so Phil sat next to the then-Cowboys QB at a dinner...because he knew it would irk TW.

"I knew that it would bother Tiger that I had dinner with his partner," Mickelson says. "Tony knew this would also bother him too, so he said to his caddy...just don't even mention that we had dinner last night." 

After the two teed off the first hole, Mickelson says he purposely waited to create a gap between he and Romo, so he would have to speak loudly. 

"I yell out, 'Hey, Tony! Hey, Tony! That was so much fun last night. I loved the dinner.'"

"Tiger looks right at 'em," Mickelson would continue. "And you see Tony say, 'there were a lot of people there. And it was a really big deal. And it was a random seating..."

We always knew Phil was a solid trash talker, but this is some next-level stuff. Terrific planning and execution from Lefty. 

Maybe it worked—Phil shot 64 that day while Tiger struggled to a 75.