Vijay Singh, PGA Tour Settle Five-Year Doping Lawsuit

Singh admitted to using deer antler spray, then was suspended by the PGA TOur despite not failing a test. 
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Former world No. 1 Vijay Singh's five-year legal battle with the PGA Tour has been resolved, both sides announced in a joint statment on Tuesday. 

The lawsuit stems from a 2013 Sports Illustrated article on athletes' use of substances. In that story, Singh admits to using deer antler spray, which containts a substance that is banned by the Tour. Despite never failing a test, the Tour suspended Singh for his admission. Singh later said he didn't realize deer antler spray was banned by the Tour. 

His suspension was eventually rescinded after the World Anti-Doping Agency clarified that it did not consider the substance suspension-worthy without a failed test. But it didn't stop there—the three-time major winner sued the Tour for damaging his reputation, claiming the Tour "“not only treated me unfairly, but displayed a lack of professionalism that should concern every professional golfer and fan of the game.”

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Here's the joint statement announcing the resolvement of this half-decade dispute: 

"The PGA TOUR recognizes that Vijay is one of the hardest working golfers to ever play the game, and does not believe that he intended to gain an unfair advantage over his fellow competitors in this matter," the statement reads. 

Singh, now 55, competes mostly on the PGA Tour Champions, where he has won four times. 

This is not the first time Singh has had a run-in with the rules. Singh was banned from the Asian Tour in the mid 80's over an accusation that he doctored a scorecard. Singh has consistently denied wrongdoing, but the ordeal has stuck with him throughout his career.