Phil Mickelson outlast Tiger Woods in 22 holes of match play to take home the $9 million prize.

By Jenna West
November 23, 2018

Phil Mickelson outlasted Tiger Woods in 22 holes to take home the $9 million prize at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas Friday night. 

Lefty claimed the winner-take-all prize money with a birdie. He held the lead on 10 holes, while Woods was only ahead once during the five hours of match play. Although plenty of banter was promised during the match, the two mic'd up golfers remained fairly quiet throughout the event. 

Mickelson, 48, and Woods, 42, were adversaries during most of their careers until their relationship softened in recent years. The two golfers decided to put their rivalry to the test with one of the greatest showdowns from this generation in golf.

Here's a round-by-round recap of "The Match:"

Mickelson wins 1 up

Hole 22: Phil birdied for the win! In a game of inches, both had fantastic tee shots. However, Phils's got closer at about four feet out, while Tiger's landed 7 feet and eight inches away. Tiger missed the birdie before Phil made it.

All Square

Hole 21: Teeing off for the 21st time, Tiger landed it just beyond the green in the rough. It nearly rolled to the bunker but came back. Phil set himself up again, hitting in within five feet of the pin, saying "There it is." After trying to chip it in, Tiger missed but remained in the match after Phil missed his short putt. Phil gave Tiger the putt saying, "I don't want to win like this." To the 22nd under the floodlights!

All Square

Hole 20: This short par 3, 93-yard hole starts on the putting green and ends at a new hole cut on the 18th. Teeing off first, Tiger hits it into the crowd but his ball rolls to the edge of the green. Lefty sets himself up well with a 20-yard shot. Tiger gets within a few feet on his second and Phil conceded to him. However, Phil missed a birdie to win it all. The $9 million is still up for grabs, and they will play this hole again!

All Square

Hole 19: What a doozy! Tiger's tee shot landed left of the fairway near some trees, while Phil's second shot was chipped in a bunker. After getting on the green, Tiger could've birdied for the win with an eight-foot putt, but both golfers made par. They head to the 20th on a par 3, 93-yard hole.

All Square

Hole 18: It could have come down to the final par 5 hole to declare a winner, but that would've been too simple. Phil's tee shot traveled 310 feet to land in the edge of the rough, as Tiger's 307-footer stayed in the fairway. On his second shot, Phil's ball rolled to the green about 32 feet from the pin, giving him a great set up. Tiger's landed on the back of the green, stopping 45 feet away from the hole. Things got sticky as Phil missed his third shot for the win, with his ball stopping only three feet and five inches away from the the pin. Tiger birdied on his fourth shot, which sat only five feet and one inch away, and then conceded the putt to Phil! We're headed to extra holes and will play the 18th again.

All Square

Hole 17: Phil missed his birdie and Tiger chipped in for birdie to return to all square. Tiger raised his iconic fist pump before turning to his caddie to say, "Just like ol' times. buddy!" With one hole left, we have a match!

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 16: On a long par 5, Mickelson tees off with a fairway wood, sending his shot 313 feet. Woods came close to matching him with a 310 foot shot on a 3 wood. Phil later had a messy flop shot out of the rough, while Tiger hit a shot out of the bunker within 8 feet of the pin. Tiger missed a birdie putt to make it all square. Mickelson still has the lead.

In other news, the winner's package includes this Italian leather belt. What an incentive.

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 15: Both put their tee shots on the fairway before Tiger's second shot nearly landed in the creek just left of it. Phil's landed just shy of the green and into the crowd. Tiger conceded Phil's putt and then barely missed his putt to halve. Mickelson took back the lead heading into the final three holes.

All Square

Hole 14: Phil tried to start the par 4 hole with a little excitement, calling for a $100,000 side bet on the longest drive to the fairway. Unfortunately, both golfers' balls landed in bunkers to cancel the bet. Tiger recovered by sending his shot out of the sand within 10 feet of the hole, while Phil's sat about 12 feet out. Both missed birdie putts to remain all square.

All Square

Hole 13: It's another tight race. Phil birdied to reach all square. Tiger suggested another closest-to-the-pin challenge for $300,000, sending his ball within 16 feet of the hole. However, Phil's got just a bit closer to win his third pin side bet. Phil birdied to reach all square after Tiger's putt slide by the hole.

Woods 1 up

Hole 12: Tiger gains the lead for the first time all day! He sent his tee shot on the par 4 hole over 320 yards. Tiger reached tap-in range, and Phil conceded to Tiger's putt. Looks like things might be heating up on what's been a rather quiet back nine.

All Square

Hole 11: It's time for another challenge! Phil suggested a $200,000 if either player made an eagle on the short par 4. Tiger had the easier shot but both lost the bet. After Tiger birdied, we're back to all square.

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 10: Both found the fairway on the par 4 hole, but Tiger went far left on his second shot. Phil found the green and two-putted from the green to stay in the lead. Woods saves par with a chip shot. 

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 9: They really try to raise the stakes with a $1 million challenge if either eagles on the par 4 hole. Alas, no "side sauce," as Phil called it, came to pass. Both make nice pars and Charles Barkley claims he could beat both of these guys today.

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 8: Tiger suggested another closest-to-the pin challenge for $200,000 but comes up short as his ball lands 40 feet from the hole. Phil wins the bet with his ball rolling closer at 38 feet. They try to go for some side action on the 40-foot putts with Tiger going first on 3:2 odds for $75,000. He lipped it, and Phil putts for $50,000 for a birdie. Phil loses the bet but regains the lead with a par.

All Square

Hole 7: After both split the fairway, Tiger tried to issue another challenge on low score on the hole for $200,000. Phil asked for 3:2 odds but Tiger wouldn't take it. The two proceeded without a challenge. Phil's second shot laned in the bunker, only for him to hit too much sand and send the ball to the bunker next to it. It's all square after Tiger hits his third to gimme-birdie birdie range and Phil can't hole his bunker shot. 

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 6: On the par 4 hole, Tiger missed the putt to the right from 20 feet and makes par from four feet. Phil missed the birdie putt by two inches left but knocked it in for par. 

Hole 5: The players agreed to do a closest-to-the-pin challenge on the short par 3 for $100,000. Mickelson played first and hit it to about 10 feet, just above the hole. Tiger then hit a very poor wedge shot way right of the pin, giving Phil the win on that side challenge. Tiger lagged his long birdie putt to about five feet before Mickelson left his birdie putt just short. Tiger was able to clean up for the halve. 

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 4: Both players went with driver off this par 5, with Mickelson finding the fairway and Tiger missing right yet again. Tiger had to lay up, but Phil was able to advance the ball just off the green with his second. Tiger hit his first really good shot of the day with a wedge to 3 feet. Mickelson then chipped to about 3 feet. After some needling, both players gave each other the birdie putts for another halve. 

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 3: Phil went with driver on this long par 4 and found the right side of the fairway. Tiger then hit driver also but lost it well to the right, finding a hanging lie in the rough. Tiger played first and went left of the green before Phil found the putting surface. Tiger got up and down for par and Phil missed his birdie effort. A halve. 

Mickelson 1 up 

Hole 2

Tiger and Phil both go with iron off this par 4, with both finding the left side of the fairway. Phil played first from the fairway and missed the green just barely to the right side, then Tiger did the same. Both players opted to chip from just off the green. Phil was able to make a four footer for par but Tiger lipped his par effort out. 

Mickelson 1 up

Hole 1:

Phil missed an eight-footer for birdie, losing the bet on the first hole. He forked over $200,000 to Tiger for charity money. It's all square after both miss putts.

Tee Time:

It's time! After an introduction by Samuel L. Jackson, Phil teed off and hit the ball 256 yards to the fairway. Tiger's ball soared 257 yards and landed in the rough. They showed off their exquisite small talk skills while walking to the first green. Tiger said Jackson "sounds cool," while Phil declared him the "King of Cool." But apprarently neither one of them are considered cool by their children. 

2:55 p.m. ET:

Phil won a coin flip and decides to tee off first. Of course Phil kept the coin because it's actually a poker chip with both golfers' faces on it.

2:38 p.m. ET: Looks like Tiger is hitting it just fine on the range...

2:30 p.m. ET:

Tiger revealed that part of his motivation for beating Phil on Friday was to make him "squirm." Phil said he has a few things "up his sleeve" to keep Tiger on his toes on the course.

2:00 p.m. ET:

Phil and Tiger warmed up on the putting green. Tiger surprised no one by showing up in his signature Sunday red.

Phil Mickelson arrived at Shadow Creek saying, "It's finally here."

With tee time almost near, it's expected to be a clear and sunny day in Las Vegas with no chance of rain. The temperature is currently 57 degrees, with the wind blowing at one mph. The course appears to be ready for the day's action.

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