Jim Nantz Says Tiger Woods' Masters Win Is 'Best Event I've Ever Covered'

Nantz has appeared on the Masters broadcast since 1986, including Woods' first win at Augusta in 1997. 
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CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz said Tiger Woods' 2019 Masters win was the, "best event I've ever covered" in an interview with The Washington Post's Ben Strauss on Wednesday. 

"I’ve done 34 Final Fours, had Super Bowls, Peyton [Manning’s] farewell. It’s been 48 hours since it ended, and I’d say it’s going to feel about the same 10 years from now," Nantz said. "It’s the best event I’ve ever covered. And I feel very fortunate to have been in that spot."

Woods has plenty of competition on Nantz's all-time list. The 59-year-old broadcaster has been with CBS since 1986, on hand for Woods' runaway victory in 1997 as well as Jack Nicklaus' final Masters during Nantz's first year with the network. 

Nantz's call as Woods tapped-in on 18 was short, uttering "the return to glory" before going silent for nearly three minutes. 

"There was no way I was going to say anything over those images of Tiger with his family," Nantz said. "The chanting was in the background and the scene was rich. I knew instinctively I wanted to sit back and enjoy it. All I could do was ruin it."

It's been an eventful April for Nantz. He came to Augusta after calling the Final Four on CBS as Virginia won the first national title in program history.