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Annika Sorenstam describes how she beat shyness, then LPGA

On and off the course, Annika Sorenstam exudes excellence, and in this episode the Hall of Famer details how she used to miss putts on purpose to avoid giving a victory speech. Plus, swing tips, her foundation and more.

On and off the course, Annika Sorenstam exudes excellence. During this conversation, she takes host Brian Hurlburt with her on her journey of excellence, which includes overcoming shyness to dominate the LPGA Tour like no other player in history, to making a deep and positive impact on a future generation of golfers.

Sorenstam, in her words:

"Sometimes people get scared of the word of excellence, meaning that they believe they can't have any faults, no mistakes, no bogeys. I think, everybody, we learn from our mistakes. And I think that's part of what the word excellence is about. You improve from where you are today, and everybody's level of excellence is different than somebody else's. So, as long as you feel like you're motivated and you feel like you're on your way to excellence, I think that's success." 

In this episode, Sorenstam shares:


– How as a shy girl, she purposely missed putts to avoid giving the champion's speech

– Her best advice on how to lower golf scores

– Why we shouldn't fear excellence

– How she built her legendary golf swing by studying and emulating some of the best players in the world and taking something from each of them

– How her foundation has made a positive impact on hundreds of girls and young women