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Is Rory McIlroy Due For a Red-Hot Streak in his 30s?

'Course of Life' hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell are excited to watch what Rory 2.0 is going to do next and welcome long driver Josh Koch.

Hit the play button above to listen to the latest Course of Life with hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell who break down Rory McIlroy's 20th career victory — will he go on a tear again? — and welcome long driver Josh Koch.

More highlights from this episode:

  • Over on the LPGA Tour, they got to have a fantastic playoff under the lights. Michael and Alex will do whatever it takes to make this kind of fantasy situation play-out everywhere.


  • The Tour heads to Japan again this weekend for the Zozo Championship, where Michael is hoping to see a Sunday round of Xander Schauffele and Hideki Matsuyama.
  • In Tuned In, Michael's getting his October horror fix with the classic "Dracula," even if it's got a horrible Keanu Reeves. Alex, meanwhile, is still going with the viral "Squid Game."
  • Michael is feeling a strong pull back to his childhood after watching the highlights of the first ever Balloon World Cup, and Alex is wondering if there is a spot on the team for next year.
  • The football weekend got off to a hot start with Alex's morning tailgate at Texas, but quickly disintegrated from there as his college bets, and the guy's pro's, put up a lot of "Ls."
  • Alex's Red Sox are putting up the W's in the ALCS, while Michael has decided to go all-in for his "local" Atlanta Braves.
  • And as the guys #AlwaysAlwaysEndWithFood, Alex is ready to declare his "Basic Bitch" status, while Michael made a special trip to the Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah for an episode of the Always End With Food Podcast.