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The 'Course of Life' Previews the Ryder Cup

Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell wonder if Bryson's hands will hold up at the Ryder Cup and question why the Americans are favored, yet again

Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell congratulate Twitter superstar Max Homa, the now 3-time PGA Tour winner and wonder if he'd be willing to join the podcast as a guest. 

But really, all that matters is that this is now Ryder Cup week. Whistling Straits hosts the players, where the Americans are heavily favored for some reason. Are Alex and Michael going to be turncoats this weekend? Press the play button below to listen.

More highlights from this episode:

  • Past guest Dylan Wu starts off his full season with a PGA Tour card by making the cut.
  • In Tuned In, Alex was keeping an eye on the Emmy Awards, and Michael was watching super assassins on Netflix with "Gunpowder Milkshake."
  • This week's guest is Dr. Bern Bernacki, the president of the Golf Heritage Society. Dr. Bernacki shares his love for the history of the game with Alex, including old hickory golf clubs and Tiger Woods' $400,000 backup putter.
  • In the football world, it's all coming up roses for Alex, while Michael doesn't seem to understand what football is anymore thanks to his reeling Giants.
  • And as the guys #AlwaysEndWithFood, it's apples and pumpkins for Alex, but High Tea time for Michael.