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What Could Be Finer? Food, Golf ... Sweet Tea

Course of Life

Episode Highlights

> COVID-19 be damned. Two weeks after a positive test at the Memorial Tournament, Jon Rahm took the prize at the U.S. Open, claiming karma was in play at Torrey Pines. Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell look at Rahm's commanding victory and the stacked leaderboard that was — and then wasn't — during Sunday's final round.

Meanwhile, over on the LPGA, Nelly Korda won yet another tournament, the Meijer LPGA Classic.

Lauzon and Russell take a peek at this week's Travelers Championship. .

In "Tuned In," Russell is glued to the new Marvel series "Loki," while Lauzon is getting back into weddings.

This week's guest is someone who was made for this podcast, Darren Wood, who has combined his love for golf and food into a blog and Instagram account (@Fairways_and_Food). Lauzon chats with Wood about what makes golf and food such a natural pairing, and what it's like over in the United Kingdom.

And as Lauzon and Russell #AlwaysEndWithFood. Lauzon is getting ready to enjoy home-cooked food back home, while Russell shares tidbits from his phenomenal anniversary dinner out. The hosts also talk about the phenomenon of Southern sweet tea.

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