Why Team Europe Is Winning the Ryder Cup, So Far

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The hype for a Ryder Cup now three years in the making has reached a fever pitch. Team Europe is already having success on the course, perhaps even winning a few new fans with their wardrobe during Wednesday's practice round. 

Speculation is plentiful headed into the opening matches on who might pair up but one duo that seems destined to team up is Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. If the longtime friends compete in each team session they'll become the most paired tandem in U.S. Ryder Cup history. 

The pros in Whistling Straits will be hard pressed to have as memorable of a week as 11-year old Jake Martinez. The junior golfer from Tucson accomplished a feat that statistically speaking had a 1 in 67 million chance of unfolding. 

We unpack it all in this Ryder Cup week edition of Up and Down.